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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

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Lea Hall Colliery Sports & Social Club
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WS15 2LB

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Latest News

22/10/2016 Rugeley v Kidderminster B, Wolverhampton League Division 2

We had an influx of players to choose from tonight, our opponents made the long journey to Rugeley and prepared for a good game of chess.

Board 6 Luke Sullivan v Clive Billinge. It was Luke's WDCL match debut, and he showed great courage facing his opponent who was a very able player. Unfortunately Luke got into a bit of a pickle in his opening, none of the pieces really gelled together, and his opponent was a rook up as Luke got distracted. Crucially a lesson or two was learned in this defeat, and should help in Luke's future games.

Board 4 Catherine Hiley v David Waud. I seemed to get out the Caro-Kann opening unscathed but then miscalculated a pawn combination which nullified any advantage I may have had. When my opponent went on the attack I just forced off the pieces leaving very little opportunity for either player and at 21 moves a draw was agreed.

Board 3 Rob Fell v David Close. Rob was offered a draw in this game which was declined, Rob felt that his pieces were more active and went on to prove his theory was correct. Rob managed to snaffle a few pawns, and with his opponent in serious time trouble, Rob took the win.

Board 5 Gordon Attwell v John Whitehead. Gordon seemed quite relaxed in this game, and commanded the board with his 3 pawn lead. There was little to stop Gordon's advancing pawns and Gordon calmly claimed victory to help the team.

Board 2 Patrick Waller v Alan Preece. I'm really beginning to enjoy Patrick's games these days, there's a lot more domination to Patrick's play. Although he didn't feel so confident during play, the fact that he was a pawn up, and had his opponent all hemmed in.. secured a win for Rugeley.

Board 1 Matt Carr v David Spowart. Matt played his favoured French defence, he came out of the opening well, and was having a decent middle game, until he blundered away his bishop. However Matt had options, and with his king swiftly brought into play went into the end game with at least a fighting chance of queening a pawn at either ends of the board, with both players having less than 5 minutes to go, a draw seemed a fair outcome.

Our first win of the season, finally a bit of breathing space in the tables. Thanks to all who played.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

15/11/2016 Rugeley v Lichfield, Cannock Division 3

Rugeley welcomed their neighbours Lichfield in the Cannock div 3 league.

Board 1 - Catherine Hiley v Jamie O'Donovan. Cath as black, with many years of chess experience, had to face Jamie, one of Lichfield's “rising young stars”. The stage was set for a good game, White played with skill and originality getting a strong fianchettoed white bishop, as the battle continued by move 20 no exchanges had been made making for a very crowded locked up board. However Cath, as ever, only had a win in her sights managed to take complete control of the open “A” file with queen and rook bearing down on white's king with nowhere to retreat to. Finding that the likely continuation being an exchanging of queen for a rook, he resigned. A good win with vast experience getting the better of youth. Well played Cath on top board.

Board 2 - Tony Meakin v David Fone. Tony with the white pieces played the “Queens gambit” against David Fone, who was graded some 25 points above him knew the game would be tough. Slowly as things continued black's position improved and Tony just had too many threats to contend with, so in a lost position, resigned.

Board 3 - Dave Hadley v Stuart Andrews. Dave fought hard against Andrews by playing the “Dragon variation” of the Sicilian defence, but had to contend with the dragon being slayed. By move 20 he was a rook and two pawns down now finding his uncastled king being attacked by all of white's well placed army - the end came quickly.

Board 4 - Luke Sullivan v Roy Smith. On form Luke played well from the start and by move 20 both players were about equal. Then during the middle game Luke gained the advantage with some good exchanges, the end game saw Smith with a lone knight against Luke's powerful long range bishop, Luke remembered the old adage about pushing pawns with 2 beautifully connected passed ones, Smith had no other choice but to lay his king on its side and shake hands with his very pleased opponent, well played again Luke.

A fair result against a strong team Thanks to all for playing and well done. Cath's fact of the day - It's too early for the captain to be playing Jingle Bells in his pocket.

Mike Page, (Cannock Div 3 Captain)

09/11/2016 Boldmere v Rugeley, Cannock Division 3

Rugeley travelled to Boldmere in the Cannock div 3 league.

Board 1 - Arthur Kent v Bill Hulley. Bill played the “French” in reply to his opponent’s e.4, but in watching the game on board 2, found that Bob had to face the French in reverse. Bill's play soon had Arthur Kent in trouble, with some powerful open files and well placed minor pieces, Bill controlled much of the game to give “mate” in less than the 30 move time control. Well played Bill.

Board 2 - Gordon Barron v Bob Edgar. Bob has been improving of late, and held his higher graded opponent to a draw. Well Played Bob.

Board 3 - Stuart Wood v Dave Hadley. Dave was out-graded by some 25 points, so fought hard with a player who seemed to have taken much of his time on the early moves. Dave only used 20 minutes in total to mate his opponent and add to a winning team.

Board 4 - Geoff Harman v Luke Sullivan. Luke, as often with youth, set out with all guns blazing, going a piece up on move 20 but seemed reluctant to exchange material to win the game. Harman offered a draw close to the time control but with an extra piece Luke declined, going on to win without too much trouble after 32 moves. Well done Luke another fine win for Rugeley.

Mike's fact of the day - Arthur Kent used to play for Rugeley some years ago before moving to Sutton Coldfield.

Mike Page, (Cannock Div 3 Captain)

25/10/2016 Rugeley v Mercia A, Wolverhampton League Division 2

We welcomed Mercia to Lea Hall, they had their big guns out on the top boards, and were definitely up for grabbing at least a point, but we had our strongest team out too, and so battle commenced.

Board 3 Patrick Waller v John Phillips. Patrick played his Sicillian dragon opening, however it all seemed to be locked up and drawish after the 17th move and so a very prompt draw was agreed. With his opponent almost 20 grading points higher, a draw was a rather welcome outcome.

Board 4 Rob Fell v Derek Perks. Rob promised me to seek revenge for my absolutely appalling game last time I played Derek, and Rob carved his king wide open with a very impressive attack, it was beautiful to watch from a Rugeley perspective, and the captain was starting to smile once Rob won.

Board 1 Bill Hulley v Peter Thompson. Bill seemed to struggle from the offset, and was a pawn down, with little signs of counterplay. The 30 grading point advantage was a little too great this time round and Bill conceded after a hard-fought game.

Board 6 Bob Edgar v Barry Smith. Bob's game reminded me of Tony's final game in Scarborough, all the pawns were locked up in a 'w' formation, with little opportunity for either player to penetrate behind enemy walls, a draw was naturally agreed.

Board 2 Matt Carr v Andrew McCumiskey. Matt was up against it with an uphill challenge to get anything out of this game. Yet sheer determination and fighting spirit made his opponent work, and Matt took it right to the end where he thought there might be a possibility of a forced draw but it wasn't to be this time.

Board 5 Catherine Hiley v Ken Francis. I'm not convinced I played the Queen's Gambit well, and I was relieved to get out of the opening relatively unscathed. Once I had castled and had a bit of breathing space, my opponent missed a rather nasty attack on his queen which lost him a piece and from that point on I wasn't going to let go of that advantage. Ken lost on time in the end.

Another tough drawn match, this is a very competitive division. Thanks to all who played.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

21-23/10/2016 Scarborough Chess Congress

Three go to Scarborough.

It was that time of year again, when Mike, Tony and myself made the substantial trip to Scarborough "for the craic". None of us had any aspirations to win any prize money, just to enjoy the adventure, go round in circles (courtesy of Mike's driving), and hopefully enjoy some good chess. We all had a good steady start to the congress, at the start of the final day, we were all in the running for some prize money. Tense? Absolutely! Did it go to the wire? You bet it did!

If I won my last game, I was going to win 1st prize in the Minor, I played as well as I could but I was outplayed by a Junior who played well above his grade 121, I took home best overall female prize and a grading prize. Mike had a chance of going joint 3rd, and with a feisty endgame battle he was left with a knight and pawn, it was certain victory.. he couldn't.. no he wouldn't... (the rest of the language has been edited) STALEMATE! Mike still went home with a grading prize for his 3.5/5 effort.

It was all down to Tony, he'd had a gruelling last match and this was proving to be another match of epic proportions. Tony was on top, his pawn structure had made his opponents king obsolete, there was no way through. However Tony was feeling under considerable time pressure and tried to force the wrong side of the board with his pawns, which ultimately resulted in a draw. With an impressive 4/5 under his belt Tony walked away with joint 3rd prize. It was a successful and memorable congress, we hope to return next year.

Catherine Hiley, (on behalf of the trio)

13/10/2016 Tamworth v Rugeley, Cannock Division 3

Rugeley travelled to Tamworth for the first game of the new season in the Cannock div 3 league.

Board 1 - Simon Walton v Bill Hulley. Bill’s game started slowly with both players building up a good position. With castling on opposite wings, the gloves were off. Bill did seem to have better attacking chances with an open file against the black king a win was on the cards for Bill, however just prior to the time control a surprise draw was agreed. Well played Bill.

Board 2 - Peter Oliver v Bob Edgar. Bob told me his game was a good battle after coming out of the opening with a few problems. Thinking that he had a lost game on his hands, he moved up a gear to get back into things, as the last to finish the whole board was locked up with pawns with no scope for rooks or bishops so another draw was agreed. Well Played Bob.

Board 3 - Chris Harrington v Mike Page. With the white pieces I played e4 and after 3 moves the opportunity arose to play the “Fried Liver” attack, well how could I not play it? My opponent, after a long think, accepted my sacrificial knight With a wry smile “He must know this line well I thought to myself. And yes the next few moves were all as the book gives as best, Black's king was in the middle of the board surrounded by white's army, then his offer to exchange queens would leave me a piece down this is not good I told myself, at this point I had a long think and found a knight move that after he took my queen I won a bishop with check and then exchanged his last bishop with check again before taking his queen, The stage was now set with two powerful Bishops against two knights the extra power of the bishops won two pawns and with the rooks produced a “mating net” After my opponent resigned he said the game was a real “Stonker” he really enjoyed the battle and thanked me for it.

Board 4 - David Smith v Tony Meakin. Tony had a 50 point advantage with the grade but gradings can be deceptive after twenty moves all seemed equal then Tony had a “Bobby Fischer moment” he played a rook sacrifice that could not, and was not accepted but laid white's king wide open move after move. Tony played like a demon more “sacs” followed forcing Smith's resignation. Well played Tony.

So will we again be top of the table this year? Thanks to all for playing and well done.

Mike Page, (Cannock Div 3 Captain)

6/10/2016 Lichfield C v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

Our first away match of the 2016-17 season was at Lichfield, and with grades reasonably matched, we felt that we had to gain at least a point.

Board 4 Peter Willett v Catherine Hiley. The Rugeley captain was feeling a little low on confidence, and the game that transpired left little to gain on either side, a draw was quickly concluded.

Board 1 Bernard Baptiste v Bill Hulley. Bill looked to be in trouble, but this is a good example of perseverance and a bit of good old fashioned luck.

Board 5 David Fone v Gordon Attwell. Gordon was the exchange down but with a little stoic play, made it very difficult for his opponent to gain any advantage, and indeed a valuable draw resulted.

Board 3 Yuriy Slobodyuk v Rob Fell. This was a fascinating game, it looked at first as though the Lichfield player had the upper hand, but the counterplay from Rob was aggressive and decisive, with a queen, rook and knight bearing down on black's king. It was a cagey end-game but the ultimate victor was Rob, well played!.

Board 2 Jamie O'Donovan v Patrick Waller. This looked evenly balanced throughout, but the game was poised with white having a slightly advanced position, with 6 pawns and a rook each, the draw looked likely. Patrick defended as well as he could, but his opponent had the better placed king which won the game. An unfortunate defeat for Rugeley's board 2.

Board 6 Kevin Gallagher v Tony Meakin. This game was closed and painful to watch, with central play gridlocked the only action was down either flank. I think Tony tired towards the end, and had a lapse of concentration which lost him the game.

Another tough match. This season is proving to be quiet a challenge, thanks to all who played.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

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2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Jamie O'Donovan v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Luke Sullivan v Roy Smith (1-0)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Geoff Harman v Luke Sullivan Geoff Harman v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Matt Carr Patrick Waller v Matt Carr (½ - ½)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Luke Sullivan v Matt Carr Luke Sullivan v Matt Carr (0-1)
2016 - 17 Wolverhampton Div 2 Lichfield C v Rugeley Bill Hulley v Bernard Baptiste (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Rob Fell v Patrick Waller Rob Fell v Patrick Waller (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Bob Edgar Patrick Waller v Bob Edgar (½ - ½)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Matt Carr v Patrick Waller Matt Carr v Patrick Waller (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Matt Carr v Luke Sullivan Matt Carr v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Rob Fell Patrick Waller v Rob Fell (½ - ½)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Stourbridge B Tony Meakin v Sam Bradley (½ - ½)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Stourbridge B Matt Carr v John Foxall (1-0)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Stourbridge B Patrick Waller v Paul Sharratt (1-0)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rushall A v Rugeley Mike Page v Devan Patel (1-0)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rushall A v Rugeley Matt Carr v Steve Wilcox (1-0)
2015 - 16 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Rob Fell Catherine Hiley v Rob Fell (0-1)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Boldmere Tony Hickey v Catherine Hiley (½ - ½)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Mercia A v Rugeley Derek Perks v Catherine Hiley (1-0)
2015 - 16 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Brewood A Matt Carr v Derek Laight (½ - ½)