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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

Interested in checking out the club contact Catherine on email at

Please see the Games tab where the club is building up a library of interesting games for people to review.

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Lea Hall Colliery Sports & Social Club
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

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Latest News

17/09/18 St George's v Rugeley, WDCL Div 2

We travelled to St George's for our opening match of the season with fresh optimism (we were already 1-0 up after the home team unfortunately had to default a board). Travelling wise was quite straight forward with hardly any delays and we all arrived promptly and ready for the task ahead. After some very good solid displays by all our team we came away with a 4-2 win – myself and Cath winning on boards 2 & 3, Bob & Patrick drawing on boards 4 & 5 and Matt unfortunately up against the clock in the end game losing on board 1. Cath’s game in particular was very impressive, going 2 pieces up very early on in her game and being able to manoeuvre a position where there was no escape for her opponent. Well done team – an impressive win and hopefully the start of another successful season again for us.

Rob Fell, (WDCL Div 2 Captain)

08/09/2018 UK Open Blitz Championship – Birmingham Qualifier

Luke & Steve took the plunge & entered while Matt had a very successful day as the chief arbiter. The blitz rules meant that all moves had to be made in 3 minutes + 2 seconds added per move, across 15 rounds in 7 exhausting hours. Both players had very challenging tournaments - there were 51 entrants, all in one section, with a GM, 2 IMs & 2 FMs amongst a very strong field with the vast majority of players graded far higher than either of them.
After a very long but really enjoyable day for both, Steve managed to achieve 6 wins, with 8 defeats & 1 draw (which was his highlight against an opponent graded nearly 160). Luke was very unlucky with the pairings he received, regularly getting matched up with some really excellent opponents, & finished with a creditable 5 points from his tournament.
Further details can be found on the UK Open Blitz Championship web site.

For the results table

Steve Whatmore, Rugeley Chess Club

04/09/2018 Rugeley v Wolverhampton, Cannock Division 2

The first match of the 2018-19 season was underway seeing Wolverhampton travel to Rugeley for war.

Board 1 - Tony Meakin v Geoff Rosser. Rosser with White gained the opening initiative against the Rugeley player having the upper hand against the French. Tony found himself in a spot of bother when he lost the exchange forfeiting a Bishop for a pawn. Unfortunately after both sides tried to push pawns to gain the advantage it was white who had the material and gained the victory.

Board 2 - Mike Page v Gordon Sands. The Rugeley chess veteran took on a stronger rated player in Sands. With the white pieces Mike looked to gain a very aggressive opening, controlling most of the centre, but black was holding his own with sufficient counter play. It looked like total domination by white until Mike miscalculated a combination and unfortunately black was able to capitalise and steal the game.

Board 3 - Luke Sullivan v Eddie Badger. Badger with white opened with e4. Blacks response, The kings Indian defence. White pushed the 3 pawns to the centre and developed easily with black being very solid. White lost a pawn on move 6 and lost the centre structure. Luke didn't allow white's aggressive attacking moves to take effect. White over extended his pawns and placed his queen on an inactive square for the majority of the game. Black exchanged queens on move 51 and in the endgame black had too many pawns to promote. White graciously resigned.

Board 4 - David Hadley v John Dugmore. Dave with white was facing a higher rated opponent in this hell raiser of a battle. Both sides gained an equal advantage in the opening, but with white's pawns doubled and going the exchange down, it was hard to overcome the pressure black was forcing upon him. All 8 pawns were still on the board by move 21 and looked to be quite solid but alas Black managed to squeeze his way through and white's skeleton crumbled.

Final match score 3-1 to Wolverhampton. Thanks and well played all who fought in the match.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

22/08/2018 Rugeley Summer rapidplay tournament

This years event saw 10 players take part in the Rapidplay. The games were submitted for ECF grading in July with everything played after that going into the January list.
In total there could be a potential 45 games and of those only 12 were not played.
For the winner of 2017s event, fortune was not with him this time and had to settle for 9th place.
Our winner is the newest member of our chess club Steve Whatmore with an impressive 7/9
Following closely behind in joint second were Luke Sullivan and Bob Edgar.
Some of these games were played on liveboards and that fun can be viewed on our website.
It was a good event, one which I hope we will continue into 2019 and now to the main event, the club championships. Good luck to everyone.

  For the final table results of this Rapidplay please click on the link results table

Matt Carr, Tournament Controller

15/08/2018 Privacy Policy

Just to let you know that the committee have been working hard behind the scenes. You may be aware of the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and should you wish to look at the policy it can be found here or under the 'about' tab.
Tony should be distributing the forms to collate the relevant personal data in the coming weeks, along with any outstanding subs.

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  • Catherine Hiley, Rugeley Chess Club

    31/07/2018 Lichfield rapidplay tournament

    It's been awhile since any new posts have appeared but that doesn't mean things are quiet on the chess-front. We've been busy playing internal rapidplay tournaments, and managed to play in Crewe and Lichfield events.
    The latest outing featured our most long-standing, Mike Page and our newest member of the club, Steve Whatmore alongside myself on the 26th July. The Rugeley trio fared very well, especially Steve and Mike.

      For the final table results of this Rapidplay please click on the link Lichfield July26th

    Catherine Hiley, Rugeley Chess Club

    Rugeley Charter Fair 2018

    The season may have finished, but Rugeley Chess Club is still as vibrant as ever and enjoying playing chess and bringing the game a little closer to the community.

    Most of the club were down at Green Lane Playing Fields at Rugeley Charter Fair enjoying playing various abilities of the general public, old and young, male and female. It was nice to play outside in some nice weather. Many thanks to Patrick Waller for supplying the gazebo and the furniture, and Matt Carr for bringing his energy and garden set. It was a really good family day out.


    Catherine Hiley, Secretary

    24/05/2018 WDCL AGM

    Please take a look at the AGM section (under the 'other' tab) for the minutes of this years AGM and please get back to me with any enquiries you may have, otherwise I will assume they have been read and accepted.

    Having been to this years WDCL AGM, it was agreed to change the time ruling which is in keeping with the Birmingham League so the ruling is now.

    Rule 13 was changed to the following for all games in all competitions in WDCL. The change will appear in next years handbook.

    The use of clocks shall be compulsory, and the time limits shall be one of the following options the default rate of play will be option (1):

    (1) All moves in 80 minutes with 10 seconds per move added throughout (incremental) if sufficient digital clocks are available.
    (2) All moves in 90 minutes

    Catherine Hiley, Club Secretary

    22/05/2018 End of Season Blitz tournament

    Rugeley held it's annual end of season blitz tournament run by our resident arbiter, Matt Carr. All moves were played in 5 minutes. This was another feast of manic play, blunders, illegal moves and nail-biting end play.
    Another enjoyable mad evening of chess was had. Congratulations to Rob Fell who won the tournament, and Matt Carr for running the event and supplying the prizes. Thanks to all members for your continued support.

    For the results table

    Catherine Hiley, Rugeley Chess Club

    Club Championships 2017-18

    The Club championships were played on the 17/04/18 and 24/04/18. A best of two game final with a third game played if the score should be 1-1.

    Cath Hiley won the first game on the 17th against Tony. Of note the second game was rather fun to watch from the player's perspective. The ending came down to both players having 20 seconds each and the arbiter in me trying frantically to count to 50 and look for three-fold repetition at the same time. In the end a draw was agreed. As tournament secretary I wish to congratulate Cath on her victory in the club championships and add my commiserations to Tony who played some fantastic games.

    Matt Carr, Tournament Controller

    Successful 50th Anniversary Rapidplay Tournament

    This event was held at Lea Hall on Saturday 7th April and was run by International Arbiter Matt Carr (a club member) assisted by Dave Thomas. Fifty-eight players competed over seven rounds in three sections (click on the links below for the full results). The prize winners were as follows:

    Open (8 players, all play all)

    1st prize (£120) Gary Kenworthy (Bedfordshire) Joint 2nd prize (£45 each) Marek Mazek (Heywood) and Lawrence Cooper (Stafford) Grading (£25) Damian McCarthy (Culcheth)

    Major (21 players, Swiss)

    Joint 1st prize (£70 each) Peter Collins (Lichfield) Phil Bull (Wolverhampton) and Douglas Barnett (Crewe) Grading (£25) Robert Fell (Rugeley)

    Minor (29 players, Swiss)

    1st prize (£120) Robert Marks (Sutton Coldfield) Joint 2nd prize (£45 each) David Blower (Brewood) and Steve Whatmore Grading (£25) Simon Layhe (Crewe)

    A great day for the club! Some pictures will be added soon.

    Patrick Waller, Chairman

    Latest Games

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    Season Competition Fixture Players Result
    2018 - 19 Chase Cup Rugeley v Brewood Luke Sullivan v Andrew Davies (1-0)
    2018 - 19 Chase Cup Rugeley v Brewood Derek Laight vMatt Carr (0-1)
    2018 - 19 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Wolverhampton Eddie Badger v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
    2018 Rugeley 50th Tournament Patrick Waller v Rich Wiltshir Patrick Waller v Rich Wiltshir (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Matt Carr Patrick Waller v Matt Carr (0-1)
    2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Wolverhampton Matt Carr v Gordon Sands (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Rushall Luke Sullivan v Shane Cooksey (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Stourbridge B Luke Sullivan v Trevor Tennant (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Brewood v Rugeley Paul Wright v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
    2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rushall v Rugeley Rich Wiltshir v Matt Carr (0-1)
    2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Boldmere Patrick Waller v Sandy Wilson (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Walsall Kipping Patrick Waller v Peter Nixon (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Luke Sullivan Bob Edgar v Luke Sullivan (1-0)
    2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Tamworth v Rugeley Chris Harrington v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
    2017 - 18 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Patrick Waller Catherine Hiley v Patrick Waller (½ - ½)
    2017 - 18 Club Rapidplay Luke Sullivan v Patrick Waller Luke Sullivan v Patrick Waller (1-0)
    2016 - 17 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar (1-0)
    2016 - 17 Club Champs Tony Meakin v Mike Page Tony Meakin v Mike Page (1-0)
    2016 - 17 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley (½ - ½)
    2016 - 17 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley (1-0)