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Updated Wednesday 31st October 2018

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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

Interested in checking out the club contact Catherine on email at

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How to find us

Lea Hall Colliery Sports & Social Club
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

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Latest News

26 - 28/10/18 Scarborough Congress

It would be remiss of me not to mention 3 members of the club travelling to Scarborough, Mike and Tony both in the Foundation section and myself in the Intermediate. There really are no easy wins this weekend, it's often quite a taxing weekend, so much so that my first game didn't finish until 11pm and so none of us ate that evening (sorry guys) and after a few vodkas to drown the memory of my first loss... I had a serious hangover to take me into Saturday. Mike and Tony fared much better. Mike finished on 3/5, and Tony had an impressive 4/5. For the results table I had an enjoyable weekend, despite my result of 1.5/5

Catherine Hiley

23/10/18 Rugeley v Kidderminster B, WDCL Div 2

We were hoping to keep the momentum going in this match and sign off with 4 wins before our annual Xmas meal. Unfortunately this was the match when the wheels started to fall off. While our board 1 got a quick draw with his opponent, board 2 being myself was literally “crushed” into oblivion, being mated by a pair of bishops! Bob on board 5 was next to come unstuck after resigning in a losing position leaving the rest of the team to try and salvage something. Patrick on board 6 battled on and soon found himself in a beautiful end-game that his opponent had no hope of recovering from Patrick Waller v Clive Billinge. Board 4 our reliable newbie Steve grinded out another win in the end-game which left Cath’s game on board 3 being pivotal. Despite a brave attempt to get a draw Cath finally succumbed to defeat despite battling through gamely. Well done team for giving it your all and nearly rescuing a point, we still have had a very good start to the season despite this unfortunate 3.5 – 2.5 loss.

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

11/09/18 Rock Cup Round 1

I ventured over to Warley Quinbourne Chess club in terrible weather to play Andy Southall. I enjoy the Rock Cup as it allows me to play very strong players who I would not ordinarily play. Andy with a grade of 192 played certainly fitted that bill. Andy played the French defence and I was quickly under pressure and capitulated after losing a knight on move 20. It’s interesting that lack of hope in a position and the pressure of continuously strong moves by an opponent obtains unforced errors. A thank you to Andy for explaining where I had gone wrong in the opening and best of luck as he advances in the Rock Cup. I am now entered into the Bidgood cup, where hopefully I can give my opponents a better game.

Steve Heath

10/10/18 Stourbridge B v Rugeley, WDCL Div 2

Our next assignment as well as being quite a distance to travel was also viewed as one where we hoped to gain maximum points and build upon the growing momentum. Our board 1 Matt although losing finally in the end game performed admirably considering he was suffering with acute back pain! Bill on board 2 Julie Wilson v Bill Hulley made light work of his opponent winning within an impressive 18 moves. Draws quickly followed on boards 3, 4 & 5 for myself, Cath & Bob Ron Evans v Catherine Hiley, although we all admitted that our positions were inferior which left Board 6 Steve determining our fate. Jeremy Humphries v Steve Whatmore.Thankfully Steve managed to grind out a win very late on which gave us a 3.5 : 2.5 win overall. Well done team for a dogged display, we have now won our first 3 games and,*whisper* are top of the League!

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

02/10/18 Rugeley v Rushall, WDCL Div 2

For this match we were slightly apprehensive as we recognised how strong a challenge Rushall would present and also that we were without 2 of our best players in Matt & Cath. Also we were welcoming a new debutant in Steve Whatmore to the team so success was never guaranteedSteve's game. However my fears were soon to be unfounded as each one of our players (bar myself) put in a performance to be proud of. Wins on boards 3, 4 & 6 (Bob, Steve & Tony) really set the tone, followed up by draws on boards 1 & 5 (Bill & Patrick) and then our solitary loss on board 2 (myself). Thus we won the match 4-2 and a few mild jokes about going for promotion were raised – but it is a very long season ahead. Well done team, again you delivered a display of attacking solid chess to be proud of!.

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

17/09/18 St George's v Rugeley, WDCL Div 2

We travelled to St George's for our opening match of the season with fresh optimism (we were already 1-0 up after the home team unfortunately had to default a board). Travelling wise was quite straight forward with hardly any delays and we all arrived promptly and ready for the task ahead. After some very good solid displays by all our team we came away with a 4-2 win – myself and Cath winning on boards 2 & 3, Bob & Patrick drawing on boards 4 & 5 and Matt unfortunately up against the clock in the end game losing on board 1. Cath’s game in particular was very impressive, going 2 pieces up very early on in her game and being able to manoeuvre a position where there was no escape for her opponent. Well done team – an impressive win and hopefully the start of another successful season again for us.

Rob Fell, (WDCL Div 2 Captain)

08/09/2018 UK Open Blitz Championship – Birmingham Qualifier

Luke & Steve took the plunge & entered while Matt had a very successful day as the chief arbiter. The blitz rules meant that all moves had to be made in 3 minutes + 2 seconds added per move, across 15 rounds in 7 exhausting hours. Both players had very challenging tournaments - there were 51 entrants, all in one section, with a GM, 2 IMs & 2 FMs amongst a very strong field with the vast majority of players graded far higher than either of them.
After a very long but really enjoyable day for both, Steve managed to achieve 6 wins, with 8 defeats & 1 draw (which was his highlight against an opponent graded nearly 160). Luke was very unlucky with the pairings he received, regularly getting matched up with some really excellent opponents, & finished with a creditable 5 points from his tournament.
Further details can be found on the UK Open Blitz Championship web site.

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Steve Whatmore, Rugeley Chess Club

Latest Games

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Season Competition Fixture Players Result
2018 - 19 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Rob Fell Patrick Waller v Rob Fell (½ - ½)
2018 - 19 Club Champs Rob Fell v Patrick Waller Rob Fell v Patrick Waller (½ - ½)
2018 - 19 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Mercia Patrick Waller v Clive Billinge (1-0)
2018 - 19 Wolverhampton Div 2 Stourbridge B v Rugeley Jeremy Humphries v Steve Whatmore (0-1)
2018 - 19 Wolverhampton Div 2 Stourbridge B v Rugeley Ron Evans v Catherine Hiley (½ - ½)
2018 - 19 Wolverhampton Div 2 Stourbridge B v Rugeley Julie Wilson v Bill Hulley (0-1)
2018 - 19 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Rushall Steve Whatmore v Peter Leary (1-0)
2018 - 19 Chase Cup Rugeley v Brewood Luke Sullivan v Andrew Davies (1-0)
2018 - 19 Chase Cup Rugeley v Brewood Derek Laight v Matt Carr (0-1)
2018 - 19 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Wolverhampton Eddie Badger v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
2018 Rugeley 50th Tournament Patrick Waller v Rich Wiltshir Patrick Waller v Rich Wiltshir (1-0)
2017 - 18 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Matt Carr Patrick Waller v Matt Carr (0-1)
2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Wolverhampton Matt Carr v Gordon Sands (1-0)
2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Rushall Luke Sullivan v Shane Cooksey (1-0)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Stourbridge B Luke Sullivan v Trevor Tennant (1-0)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Brewood v Rugeley Paul Wright v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rushall v Rugeley Rich Wiltshir v Matt Carr (0-1)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Boldmere Patrick Waller v Sandy Wilson (1-0)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Walsall Kipping Patrick Waller v Peter Nixon (1-0)
2017 - 18 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Luke Sullivan Bob Edgar v Luke Sullivan (1-0)