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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

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Latest News

12/02/2018 Rushall v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

We travelled to Rushall in high spirits actually looking forward to the match. I predicted a 4-2 win which Patrick seemed to think I might have been tipping for the home team but little did he know.......

Board 1 Devan Patel v Bill Hulley. Our resident board 1 seemed to have quite a solid game with any real chances at a premium. Slowly as the game descended from the middle to end game it was no surprise that this petered out to a well deserved draw!

Board 2 Steve Wilcox v Catherine Hiley. Now if board 1 was a stonewall draw then this was anything but! A captivating game with both players playing on the counter this ebbed and flowed with one false move by either player would certainly result in a loss. The end result was a draw which was a fair result as neither player deserved to lose.

Board 3 Alex Pready v Rob Fell. This was one of those games where it was those very little advanced pawn moves earlier on that made all the difference at the end. My opponent lost substantial tempo repositioning his knights early on and this proved his downfall where I was able to control important squares restricting his development and he resigned before his clock fell.

Board 4 Rich Wilshir v Matt Carr. Being a big Emmerdale fan Matt was overjoyed to meet one of his idols and he had prepared a rook-ZAC early on but decided against it! This game though would go down in history as one of the most "bizarre" openings ever - a3!! Matt was speechless and nearly choked on his coke. This did nothing to unsettle him though and he proceeded to try to get the game into some normality and before long he had a lovely rook pair and bishop working in tandem to bring his opponents eventual downfall - a beautiful win!

Board 5 Peter Leary v Bob Edgar. Our Bob was against a formidable opponent in Pete who if on top of his game would prove to be quite a stubborn and frustrating player in equal measures. This proved to be the way as both players took the game to its end stages and with the clock being almost equal and the flag poised to fall, a quick shake of the hands proved to be the most honourable thing and a draw was agreed.

Board 6 John Grant v Patrick Waller. I didn't tell Patrick earlier but this was the one board I was most confident on. It's not often you get a player of Patrick's calibre on Board 6 and his quality proved telling as he carved out a much better position with his pass pawn options eventually forcing his opponent to resign.

So for the first time this season I was able to field my most strongest team and look what happened - a deserved 4.5 - 1.5 win for Rugeley! Rushall were indeed left scratching their heads at want went wrong but they simply met Rugeley at its very best. Well done everybody for playing, same again in a fortnight please!

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

23/01/2018 Rugeley v Boldmere, Wolverhampton League Division 2

With a couple of our stronger team members out of action, this was going to prove to be a difficult match .

Board 1 Bill Hulley v Keith Thomas. This seemed to be quite a battle for control of the centre, Bill was feeling quietly confident in this game but uncharacteristically missed a discovered check losing the game.

Board 2 Catherine Hiley v Michael Harrington. This was the Sicilian opening and it was fairly even until I went too aggressive in the middle game and should have played a 'quiet move', sometimes it's not about forcing a position, its about making your opponent make a decision, I made it way too easy and resigned.

Board 3 Bob Edgar v Mike Biddle. Bob was feeling a little low on confidence, and was clearly suffering with his back/hip, yet he was determined to stodge up the board and ground his opponent into a coma (I mean draw).

Board 4 Patrick Waller v Sandy Wilson. If board 3 was a little tame, this game was top drawer full of action... feast your eyes on this! Patrick enjoyed this win.

Board 5 Mike Page v Kevin Spillane. This looked like an evenly matched game throughout, Mike sought for open play but struggled to break through his opponent's defence. Mike was a pawn down in the end but battled on for a well-deserved draw.

Board 6 Tony Meakin v Malcolm Phipps. Tenacious Tony struck again with his controversial b3 opening, it's not for everyone, but it made for an interesting drawn game with counter threats aplenty, but both players were happy to settle for the draw.

Congratulations to Boldmere, it was a close encounter, 2.5 - 3.5, many thanks to all who played.

Catherine Hiley, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Deputy Captain)

09/01/2018 Rugeley v Tamworth, Cannock Division 2

So 2018 has arrived and to kick things off to the new year, Tamworth came to Rugeley hoping to seek revenge after their defeat last year in the first of our 2 bouts this season.

Board 1 - Mike Page v Simon Walton. Another highly graded opponent for Mike and with Simon having the white pieces it was bound to be a bloodbath. Mike used the usual style of response to E4 and managed to secure a excellent position in the opening. Simon struggled to gain any advantage giving black a huge attack and Simon resigned before time control had reached 20 minutes. Well done to Mike.

Board 2 - Tony Meakin v Peter Oliver. Rugeley's Tony came prepared for this 2nd board war as he knew Tamworth had some strong graded players on the top boards. Peter had black and neutralised whites plans in the opening with a strong defence. White missed a combination which lost a piece but Tony fought on valiantly. In the end game the combinations for white meant certain defeat. Black secured the victory for Tamworth. Well done to Peter.

Board 3 - Luke Sullivan v John Howlett. Luke moved up a board for this battle and was faced with a stronger graded player. John as white started with c4 (English). The Rugeley player as black, found a comfortable response to this very aggressive opening challenging the king's side diagonal. Having exchanged light-coloured bishops, white's king became extremely vulnerable. Luke was a pawn up but this was a mistake. After going the exchange down from a winning position Luke slowly got outplayed and had to resign the game. Although going over the game Luke had noticed an unstoppable check mate in 5 in the position on move 19 but unfortunately did not think it was achievable at the time. Very unfortunate. Well done to John.

Board 4 - Dave Hadley v Kris Harrington. With the home player as white the outcome of the match rested on this game. Both players had a very good opening and middle game with some sharp lines played. This game looked drawn for its majority until white missed the opportunity to stop a dangerous passed pawn from black down the centre of the board. One more blunder from the Rugeley veteran and a nasty check was given with promotion on the next move and Dave resigned. Well done kris.

Thanks to all players and well done Tamworth who won the match 3-1

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

19/12/2017 Christmas Handicap Rapidplay

Its been my pleasure for the last few years to organise this event. Many years ago I was asked to try and spice up the event at Christmas. My answer was a handicap event. The stronger the player the less time they have to find the win. Times are as follows.

Grading difference 0 – 10: 10 minutes each Grading difference 11-20: Weak player 13 – 7 Strong player Grading difference 21-30: Weak player 14 – 6 Strong player Grading difference 31-40: Weak player 15 – 5 Strong player Grading difference 41-50: Weak player 16 – 4 Strong player Grading difference 50+: Weak player 17 – 3 Strong player

The 2017 version was a strong one. We had more of our players in this event than we ever have previously. It was 13 players, now that might be unlucky for some but not for our tournament which I am pleased to say went without a problem. It was run using Swiss Manager to handle the pairings quickly and to calculate the results quickly. If we have a tie for first place we use the result between the two players as the tie-breaker. If we need more then I go get the committee. Having never needed them before I went into this was the confidence that I could be both arbiter and player. Round 1 was good fun, I was paired against Luke Sullivan. 16 vs 4 minutes. I went in there with good intentions then lost my queen on move 7. In the end it was the clock that got me aswell. These games for the strong players are fraught with danger. Not only from the opponents but on the clock. At least three games were decided with the clock showing less than 10 seconds. One game was even decided with two seconds left on the clock. In the end when the computer was asked to tally up the points. We had four players tied for first! It was at this point I got the committee in to decide what other method we could use. It was decided that since this was a handicap tournament the weakest player gets first and so on.

Therefore my congratulations to James Perks who took down me, Bob, Cath and Kieran to earn the victory. Followed by Luke Sullivan winning the bottle of Red wine and finally Rob Fell.

I look forward to next years competition and not to mention the AGM blitz tournament in the summer.

For the results table

IA Matthew Carr, (Tournament Organiser)

21/11/2017 Rugeley v Wolverhampton, Cannock Division 2

Wolverhampton came to Rugeley for our hardest home match this season in respect to grading.

Board 1 - Bob Edgar v Philip Porter. This top board battle was played by two equally graded players and was surely going to be an interesting match. As always, the away team was given white. They fought for a good amount of time and with the position equal it was looking like the outcome may be a draw for its majority. Unfortunately after a quick exchange of pieces in the end game it was Bob who had miscalculated the position and unknowingly became a bishop down to his disbelief. A few more moves were exchanged and black felt that his chances of a draw were slipping further into the abyss. Bob graciously resigned.

Board 2 - Mike Page v Aaron Ujjal. This was a battle of the ages as a young Wolverhampton player faced Rugeley's most experienced player. Mike had white and opened with e4, the reply was a Sicilian Nijdorf which Mike is certainly familiar with and has beaten many times. After the game went into the early middle game white was down a piece thanks to a sneaky queen check forking a piece. The Rugeley player resigned soon after this unfortunate blunder.

Board 3 - Luke Sullivan v Geoff Rosser. This wasn't going to be an easy match for the Rugeley player as he was outgraded and faced his toughest opponent to date. Nevertheless this was going to be a very creative and unique game. The experienced Wolverhampton player opened with E4. Luke opted for a different reply to his norm and chose E5. With an interesting idea for a queen exchange by black in the opening which was turned down by white this looked to be in black's favour with easy development and positional opportunities but having castled on opposite sides it was clear to see that white's pawn storm on black's kingside was just too strong which eventually left black cramped. This resulted in a forced rook sacrifice which lost black any chance of a draw. Resignation soon followed.

Board 4 - Dave Hadley v Default. Dave didn't play a bad move (courtesy of the Chairman).

Another tug on the heart strings for the Rugeley team with a 3-1 defeat, thanks to all who played.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

07/11/2017 Rugeley v Lichfield C, Wolverhampton League Division 2

Rugeley nearly at full strength welcomed Lichfield C for their home match. We expected a tricky exercise as Lichfield had gained some impressive results of late so we would need to be on our guard!

Board 1 Catherine Hiley v David Fone. This game looked like it was heading for a draw with our Rugeley lady playing the “gentleman of chess”. Although Cath had the slight edge in position it looked like it was going to be a drawn out contest until our friend, the clock, ticked for the last time before move 30 for David, resulting in a win for Cath. Time waits for no man and this was certainly the case.

Board 2 Rob Fell v Gary Monks. My normal aggressive style was muted by the extremely defence play of my opponent. If it wasn’t for winning a piece in the middle game this would have stagnated to a draw but fortunately I was able to make the material level count in the endgame and Gary duly resigned.

Board 3 Matt Carr v Pete Willett. This game proved to be extremely interesting as the overall match result depended on the outcome. Basically Rugeley required a draw to win the match and Matt although short of time initially seemed to be in the driving seat for the win. After precision play by Matt it was time for his opponent to struggle with the time controls and a honourable draw was agreed..

Board 4 Patrick Waller v Mike Hoare. After last times total destruction of his opponent Patrick entered this game in a confident mood. His opponent however restricted any opportunities of open line play and the more the game went on the realisation that black was playing for a draw and nullifying any threats that Patrick could muster soon became apparent. A draw was indeed a fair result.

Board 5 Bob Edgar v Kevin Gallagher. Another player on form, Bob also entered this game hoping for yet another fine result. Again dogged play by the Lichfield opponent ensured honours were even.

Board 6 Tony Meakin v Leon Graff. Tony was looking to emulate Patricks quick finish from the previous match. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened as Tony fell foul to a smart combination which resulted in him losing a piece and position very quickly and soon he has heading for an early bath. Lichfield’s only win of the night will make Tony determined to put things right in the next match. Meak by name but certainly not by nature!.

So Rugeley won the match 3.5 – 2.5 and we head off into the winter break in fine spirits. I am pleased with the teams form and believe that we will easily stay up in Division 2 this season – a few more players and we would seriously be challenging. Well done guys, enjoy the festive cheer!

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

24/10/2017 Rugeley v Walsall Kipping, Wolverhampton League Division 2

After a fairly intense start to the season we were hoping for a hiatus in the losing streak, however without our strongest board 1, it wasn't going to be easy.

Board 1 Catherine Hiley v Mike Groombridge. Cath once more stepped into the breach of Board 1 and we anticipated this was always going to be a well matched “battle” and so the game proved. Both players got to a point where the position was level and neither wanted to over push to a detrimental affect – a draw was a fair result

Board 2 Rob Fell v David Friend. This game was played at a fast pace with white gaining the initial momentum which won a piece. Unfortunately a positional blunder soon followed which put white on the back foot and it did look like the game could be lost due to blacks advanced pawns. A draw was readily accepted as again like Board 1 neither player wanted to risk the position.

Board 3 Matt Carr v Michael Darlow. If the first 2 boards were evenly matched then this was the banker draw of the lot! Both players played steadily and kept a tight position where advantages were slight and few between. A quick assessment of the middle game came the realisation that it was going to become a long drawn out battle which neither player looked the probable of winning, again the draw masters of Walsall had done it again.

Board 4 Patrick Waller v Peter Nixon. Well the safe conservative usual style of Patrick was thrown out of the window as like a greyhound out of the traps he quickly manoeuvred his pieces to attacking devasting effect which left his opponents defences crumbling and subsequently mated by 8.20pm. And everybody though “Nixon”gate was a thing of the past – well done Patrick!

Board 5 Bob Edgar v Doreen Anderton. Bob was eager to play this game and although he played a combination out of order which resulted in him losing a piece, as quick as a “FLASH” (lol) this galvanised him into playing with attacking intent. His opponent despite being a piece up could not withstand such attacking play and soon succumbed to Bob’s advancing pieces and was quickly mated. Bob left feeling very satisfied.

Board 6 Tony Meakin v Victor Brown. Despite this being the last game to finish this was by no where any bit less enthralling. Tony who was battling against being a piece and a few pawns down somehow grinded out a draw from a helpless position – a true reminder to us all that even when the chips are down you can always reach for the jacket potato! A well deserved result with the effort and refusal to give in by our own Tony.

So Rugeley gained their first win of the season 4-2, hopefully we will be able to build on this going into the next couple of games – well done team!

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

23/10/2017 Rushall v Rugeley, Cannock Division 2

Board 1 - John Staniforth v Bob Edgar. With Bob as white, he faced his toughest opponent to date. Bob used a solid opening but played his moves in the wrong order in the middle game. Black stole a pawn and white found it incredibly difficult to gain it back. Moreover black had a very well placed knight which infiltrated white's position for the majority of the game. Bob tried to trap the knight with a clever plan but unfortunately black had enough momentum to save it. Black played very solid and didn't give white the chance to gain anything in the game. After a very long drawn-out battle, white felt the position was lost with potential mating threats and resigned.

Board 2 - Adrian Dibble v Luke Sullivan. With Luke as Black he was up against an ungraded player. White was far too aggressive early on which almost resulted in his queen being trapped and so by move 10 was retreating to save his position. Black defended well with the Nijdorf and looked incredibly solid. White's aggressive queen movements resulted in a loss of 5 pawns in the middle game. After swinging his rook down to the 2nd rank, Black chose to exchange the queens and try and force white to resign. Luke couldn't see an immediate win so tried to wear white down, but yet again Luke found that his love for sacrifices are in vain. Black blundered a piece with an unnoticed backwards move from white's bishop. With black assuming he had lost, he made a second blunder which resulted in a mate in 4 black could just not defend. A very disappointing loss for the Rugeley player who could have easily got a point for his club.

Board 3 - Aaron Bails v Dave Hadley. Another game where an experienced member of the Rugeley team faced an ungraded player from Rushall. Dave as white played an opening he wasn't all too comfortable with but managed to stop black's aggressive moves early on in the game. As a new player likes to be aggressive he black found good lines and this was too much for white to handle in the middle game and this subsequently lost him a piece. White struggled to deal with the attacking player and resigned early on in the night.

Board 4 - Josh Hennion v James Perks. This was the last match to come to a conclusion and was a hard fought game where both players were clearly fighting for the win. Hennion had the white pieces and both were very solid throughout. White came up with a clever plan which black failed to notice, capturing a piece in the middle game with no chance of compensation or recapture. James fought like a warrior trying to cling to the hopes of a draw but alas white's attacking chances were just too strong... resignation was swift.

Final match score was 4-0 to Rushall, thanks to all who played.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

17/10/2017 Rugeley v Brewood, Cannock Division 2

Board 1 - David Blower v Mike Page. With Blower as white the position was fairly symmetrical for the first 10 or so moves as neither colour wished to advance early. Mike played extremely carefully and managed to grab a pawn. White became greedy and stole a pawn back but he failed to see that black could swing his knight into white's position, after this a nasty forced mate in 2 soon occurred. A very well planned game with correct move play to secure a victory for the home team.

Board 2 - David Buckley v Luke Sullivan. After facing each other last year at Brewood they faced off again, this time with opposite colours. Luke started with Nf3-D4. Black played solidly not grabbing the centre for the entire game. White wished to take advantage of the fact black had castled king side and played G6 and Bg7. White had a good plan of pushing H4 H5. Although the first mistake of pushing the pawn to far onto H7 had white snookering himself. Instead white should have took on G6 and opened black's king side creating an open file for rook. Black found a comfortable defence after this. After some time the game looked drawn but instead white blundered a piece and it all fell through. Resignation soon followed. A very unfortunate loss indeed.

Board 3 - Andrew Davies v Dave Hadley. The home team had black in this closely graded match. Andrew played a very clever opening as white and soon found himself a piece up. David struggled to gain the piece back and after it got to the end game black had no choice but to resign as it was clear there was more of an advantage with winning chances for white. Still a very courageous effort for the home team but an unfortunate loss.

Board 4 - Darren Chell v James Perks. James as white out-graded his opponent as Chell is currently UG. White looked to have full control of the game by move 20. Black struggled to find any advantage and white soon found a he had a winning position. All James had to do was keep his cool and not make any mistakes which he managed to achieve quite easily. Black knew he was in trouble and even offered a draw which was correctly declined. With a few more moves exchanged white was in a very strong position and had infiltrated his opponents king side. Resignation was swift.

Final match score was drawn, thanks to all who played.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

05/10/2017 Tamworth v Rugeley, Cannock Division 2

Board 1 - Vadim Bancila v Bob Edgar. Bob (white) started with Nf3 planning to go into a Reti style opening while black just developed solidly. With both sides having a King's side fianchettoed bishop, the game looked drawn for some time. Black was soon material up and gained a pass pawn, it looked like a loss possition. Bob had one last attempt, as black missed the opportunity to secure the game. Bancila had to sacrifice his rook and try to force the draw, as white had a unstoppable mate threat. White took with the wrong piece causing a fork on the mating piece. White resigned. 1-0.

Board 2 - Peter Oliver v Mike Page. This game looked drawn for most of its entirety. Peter marched his white pieces on and infiltrated black's position but Mike was cool, calm and collected and managed to defend well. Black then went on to secure a very dangerous passed pawn but white had a perpetual check. White forced black to offer a draw which was accepted. 1/2-1/2

Board 3 - Default v Tony Meakin. Tony had a very easy win. 0-1

Board 4 - Chris Harrington v Luke Sullivan. The home team moved first in this epic 4th board battle. D4 was met with a Sicilian Najdorf in its full glory with some very aggressive lines. Luke gained the centre and had white struggling to decide which side to castle. Black had his plan, taking advantage of the exposed king which was pinned against the queen. White was forced to loose material and then struggled to find the space needed to defend the nasty attacking chances black had. After a few more moves white blundered the queen on move 24 and promptly resigned. 0-1.

Rugeley take home the win, thanks to all who played.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

03/10/2017 Rugeley v Kidderminster A, Wolverhampton League Division 2

After the previous match we knew we were in for another tough evening playing one of the stronger teams in the division. I knew that these results would not determine whether we stayed up or not so I encouraged the team to enjoy the evening and hopefully we may be able to spring a surprise or two?.

Board 1 Bill Hulley v Geoffrey Marchant. Our regular board 1 was back and boy did we need him! Steady play from both players resulted in an end game where the Kidderminster player had a slight advantage of being a pawn up. Bill missed an opportunity to draw if he had swapped the rooks off but in the end the one pawn advantage was decisive!

Board 2 Rob Fell v Maurice Bissell. Initially my aggressive play got me in a fortunate position where I was dictating play and looking good for the win. My new strategy - the "Virgin" attack soon had me "over excited" and then after what looked like a promising pawn to queen finish soon turned into a anti climax and was over in seconds...a draw was the eventual outcome much to my disappointment. I simply made a "pigs ear" of the end game which should have resulted in a win for white.

Board 3 Bob Edgar v David Close. Both players played solidly and a draw looked inevitable until Dave missed a pin and ultimately went a knight down prompting his resignation. A fantastic win for Bob even if the game did live up to his opponent's surname.

Board 4 Patrick Waller v John Chester. Patrick promised me it would be "all wight" on the night. Using the Bird's opening White had a pleasant position after 9 moves but then played the wrong move order. This lost the initiative and a few moves later the exchange. Patrick did get a big kingside attack but it was defended well and ultimately the White King became too exposed. After some brief counterplay on the queenside Black avoided all the traps and finished it cleanly for a victory to the away team.

Board 5 Tony Meakin v Alan Preece. After last weeks promising draw, Tony came into this game full of confidence. This was a game that ebbed and flowed for both players who had chances. In the end it was the odd pawn snaffling that cost our player going into the end game and he promptly resigned.

Board 6 Luke Sullivan v David Spowart. Luke thought he was playing somebody from "Hogwarts" and at times some of his play was "spell-binding". Unfortunately our player was so eager for the win that he pushed his position to an extent that it left opportunities for his opponent to exploit and a narrow defeat soon followed. A good performance never the less against a player that easily outgraded him.

So the eventual outcome was a 1.5 - 4.5 defeat by Kidderminster. Still like last weeks opponents Stourbridge, they are one of the favourites to go up and we did not disgrace ourselves in any way. Thank you for everybody that played, we certainly did not make it easy for them.

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

27/09/2017 Stourbridge v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

Rugeley started their 2017-18 campaign with a lengthy trip to Stourbridge. Hopes were not too high as it was recognised that we would be outgraded on probably every board so it was a chance to put in a good performance and shake some of the summer rust off. In the past Rugeley have always put a good account of themselves but perhaps the results have not reflected the overall performance, a similar theme did seem to follow here.

Board 1 Zibi Koncki v Catherine Hiley. Cath was playing an opponent who's previous grade had been in the 170's so this was always going to be tough! What started off as a Sicillian soon transcended into the "dreaded" french and soon Cath had lost control of the centre. A player of this calibre soon started to make steady inroads and the result was inevitable. Cath acknowledged the difficult task by turning to drink, and not even the renowned "rook bashing" drink Stella could uplift her mood - easier games will follow. Thank you Cath for bravely stepping in to the board one shoes.

Board 2 Greg Dyett v Rob Fell. My game was full of "what if's". An extremely open game with attacks on both sides. I played a certain move out of sequence and then the dangerous threats just faded away. Certainly if I had moved my king to safety first then the game become interesting......did a win slip from within my grasp?? Another win for the Stourbridge team though was the result.

Board 3 Dave Scriven v Bob Edgar. Bob put in a solid performance and had a really strong attack building against his opponents king. He felt that he probably should have sacrificed a minor piece to force the win but unfortunatly due to it being the first game opted for safety first and then the time pressure started to become a factor. Performance wise though was good and although a another loss to the Rugeley team it certainly was not easy!.

Board 4 Paul Sharratt v Patrick Waller. This game was also extremely close with both players seeming evenly matched. The end game went down to 2 rooks and a bishop, and a pawn break through from Patrick's opponent swung the game into Stourbridge's favour. Another brave performance with time becoming a factor, but a close one at that.

Board 5 Julie Wilson v Tony Meakin. Rugeley needed to stop the rot and stop it fast! Step forward Tony Meakin who put in a polished performance by controlling the centre to the detriment of losing the c file to his opponent's rook. After swapping off his opponent's good bishop, Tony felt that he had the better position but the draw was a fair result and in the end stopped the whitewash.

Board 6 Sam Bradley v Dave Hadley. Dave always knew he was going to be in for a tough time because the grading difference in this match was going to be massive. Our player though put in a performance to be proud of and it took a good 35 moves before he eventually succumbed to the inevitable. Thank you Dave for stepping in on a board that was close to being defaulted.

So Rugeley eventually lost 5.5 to 0.5 but like many things the result did not entirely tell the full story. One thing I have noticed with Rugeley is if we do go down - we go down fighting and that is what happend tonight. Thank you for everybody that played - better results will be around the corner!

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

27/09/2017 Rugeley's 50th Anniversary celebrations

Rugeley Chess Club is proud to announce our own rapidplay tournament to be held at Lea Hall social club on the 7th April 2018.

Entry forms are currently being prepared and further news will be published as soon as plans are finalised. Please keep 7th April free in your diary! Should be a really fun day.

Catherine Hiley, Webmaster

21/09/2017 Lichfield v Rugeley, Cannock Division 2

Board 1 - Mike Hoare v Mike Page. After a very long game it came to an interesting rook ending, a draw was offered by Mike Page (white) but declined. Hoare went on to secure a pass pawn and had a clear winning advantage.

Board 2 - Kevin Gallagher v Tony Meakin. After Tony (black) lost a pawn early on, he then played accurate moves to gain his pawn back in the ending. The position was equal and possibly could have ended in a dangerous zugzwang. A draw was offered and was accepted.

Board 3 - Charlie Brown v Luke Sullivan. Luke (white) opened with Nf3. After playing the queens gambit, it was accepted. Black was soon the exchange up, taking white's queen side rook, but white had a plan. Black's queen was incredibly misplaced and after almost getting her trapped, black blundered a piece with a check from the bishop forking the knight. Luke then went on to gain a massive attacking advantage with both knights, a bishop, and his queen at the end. Black resigned on move 30.

Board 4 - Roy Smith v James Perks. James's (black) opening suffered an early disadvantage after being unable to gain his pawn back. When he went the exchange down in the middle game it was a lost game and unfortunately ended up in resignation.

Thanks to all who played, we were unfortunate not to get a point out the match.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

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2017 - 18 Club Rapidplay Luke Sullivan v Patrick Waller Luke Sullivan v Patrick Waller (1-0)
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2016 - 17 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar (1-0)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Rushall Luke Sullivan v Josh Hennion (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Mike Page v Catherine Hiley Mike Page v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2016 - 17 Chase Cup Sutton Coldfield Marek Soszynski v Patrick Waller (½ - ½)
2016 - 17 Wolverhampton Div 2 Kidderminster A v Rugeley Bob Edgar v John Chester (0-1)
2016 - 17 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Kidderminster B Patrick Waller v Andy Preece (1-0)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Jamie O'Donovan v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Luke Sullivan v Roy Smith (1-0)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Boldmere Geoff Harman v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Patrick Waller v Matt Carr Patrick Waller v Matt Carr (½ - ½)