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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

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Lea Hall Colliery Sports & Social Club
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

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Latest News

19/04/2018 Wolverhampton v Rugeley, Cannock Division 2

For our last match of the season Rugeley travelled to Wolverhampton for war.

Board 1 - Gordon Sands 0 v 1 Matt Carr. As a much needed reserve, Matt was eager to step in and take the board 1 challenge. With white the Rugeley player creates a clever opening with fast development. Black looked to be on the back foot from the opening and leading into the middle game struggled to keep Matt out of his position with both bishops controlling everything. 19 moves was all it took and the outcome was inevitable so Black offered his hand in resignation.

Board 2 - Eddie Badger 0 v 1 Bob Edgar. This was the last game to finish in the evening. Bob yet again with black was out for revenge. A very solid opening from both players ensured a battle in the middle game. With both queens coming off, an exchange was made, Black chose to test his talents keeping the knight while white had 3 extra pawns. The game looked drawn and the end game was hard to play. An error from white helped Bob's knight become a strong piece. Knowing the outcome White resigned honourably.

Board 3 - Michael Oakes 0 v 1 Luke Sullivan. Luke as white opened with c4, Blacks response e5. With white's bishops easily placed on b2 and g2 white looked to control more of the battle field but Black was defending well. Black committed to castling king side and this was white's chance. Castling queen side white grabbed some initiative throwing h and g pawns up the board locking down the position well.. completely blocking in his opponent's knight. Black spent some time moving his king in fear of white's plan. This gave more chances for White to double up Rooks and open files for them also blocking in Black's bishop. A mistake from Black lost him a pawn and was fighting the aggressive moves placed before him. A huge blunder from Oakes lost him a piece and he didn't want to continue any longer.

Board 4 - John Dugmore 1 v 0 James Perks. Both players graded pretty much the same with similar minds at hand. With the Rugeley player as black, James grabbed the centre early with white developing modestly. James made a tiny error in the middle game and lost a pawn, then another. Black was struggling to gain any drawing chances and duly tipped his king in defeat just before the end game.

Thanks to all players and congratulations to Rugeley for securing the match win 3-1.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

11/04/2018 Kidderminster B v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

And now the end is near...............As the forthcoming season draws to a close we were to play our final match against a Kidderminster side fighting for survival. Indeed Stourbridge B were looking for us to do them a huge favour by winning this match to secure their Division 2 status, unfortunately this was a match that we struggled for the first time to get out a full team.

Board 1 David Close v Rob Fell. As this name suggested this was a very "close" game, there was virtually nothing in it. My opponent though had taken his eyes off the clock and was in total surprise when I offered out my hand when his flag fell. When I pointed out that he had lost on time he replied "no I haven't that's impossible!" and after I pointed out that I had only used half an hour on my clock he eventually accepted the result.

Board 2 Mark Riley v Matt Carr. Matt's form has been tremendous of late and he wasted no time going on the attack and forcing his opponent on the back foot. Soon the end-game resulted in pass pawns racing to their eventual coronation and a bishop sacrifice could only stop one of them. A worthy victory!

Board 3 David Spowart v Bob Edgar. A very calm game up to move 33 which resulted in both queens and opposite coloured bishops remaining. Unfortunately Bob made an unwise king move that removed the space he needed to defend effectively and the game petered out to a gradual loss for our player.

Board 4 John Whitehead v Tony Meakin. A game in which our Tony didn't really get going, and a loss of tempo early on resulted in a grinding out win for the Kidderminster player.

Board 5 Clive Billinge v . Luke Sullivan. Luke's game looked promising early on but he unfortunately lost the initiative during the middle game and like Tony was made to pay in the end-game.

Board 6 Michael Kitchen v D Fault. D fault was playing really well to begin with and for one moment looked like he had victory in his grasp..........................oh heck wait a minute, this game didn't even take place! An easy win for Mike Kitchen without really trying.

Thus Rugeley lost their final match of the 2017-18 season 4-2 and you could hear the chorus of wails and boo's coming from the Stourbridge area. Still we have had a season to be proud of with some fantastic results and amazing performances. I want to thank each and every player for turning out for Rugeley this season and giving it their all. A team that was originally tipped for a relegation fight made it look extremely easy in the end - so for that hold your heads up high, you did Rugeley proud in their 50th anniversary year!

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

Successful 50th Anniversary Rapidplay Tournament

This event was held at Lea Hall on Saturday 7th April and was run by International Arbiter Matt Carr (a club member) assisted by Dave Thomas. Fifty-eight players competed over seven rounds in three sections (click on the links below for the full results). The prize winners were as follows:

Open (8 players, all play all)

1st prize (£120) Gary Kenworthy (Bedfordshire) Joint 2nd prize (£45 each) Marek Mazek (Heywood) and Lawrence Cooper (Stafford) Grading (£25) Damian McCarthy (Culcheth)

Major (21 players, Swiss)

Joint 1st prize (£70 each) Peter Collins (Lichfield) Phil Bull (Wolverhampton) and Douglas Barnett (Crewe) Grading (£25) Robert Fell (Rugeley)

Minor (29 players, Swiss)

1st prize (£120) Robert Marks (Sutton Coldfield) Joint 2nd prize (£45 each) David Blower (Brewood) and Steve Whatmore Grading (£25) Simon Layhe (Crewe)

A great day for the club! Some pictures will be added soon.

Patrick Waller, Chairman

03/04/2018 Rugeley v Rushall, Cannock Division 2

Board 1 - Tony Meakin 0 v 1 John Staniforth. Having moved up a board because of a forfeit from the away team, Tony was more determined than ever. John as White came up with a solid opening matched well by a very solid defence from black. In the middle game Tony lost 2 pawns and by the end game was unable to secure any drawing chances and resigned with honour. Tony later said that he felt as if he was being squeezed.

Board 2 - Luke Sullivan 1 v 0 Shane Cooksey. Also moving up a board and with the white pieces, Luke faced a Rushall veteran. With White deploying the dreaded English, Black responded sensibly grabbing the centre with E5 naturally. Giving up the bishop pair black seemed to be at a disadvantage according to Fritz as white had an unchallenged bishop on B2. Black castled king side, Luke castled queen side. Black made a slight error where he placed his Rook and this not only created weakness in Black's camp but gave White opportunities for attacking ideas. Black's pieces barely covered the squares needed to stop the worst. White kept pushing and eventually black succumbed to a mating net and resigned.

Board 3 - David Hadley 0 v 1 Peter Turner. Peter with white developed gradually, as did black. Dave made a blunder in the opening and lost a piece. This was going to be a struggle for black now but Dave fought on valiantly but lost another 2 pawns. After white has gained another of blacks pieces, this wasn't the Rugeley players day and he resigned with an open hand.

Board 4 - Defaulted by Away team.

Thanks to all players and well done to both teams who managed to secure a draw for their clubs. Match score 2.2

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

20/03/2018 Brewood v Rugeley, Cannock Division 2

Once the Captain had found the Brewood venue it was time to get down to playing chess.

Board 1 - Mark Binfield v Bob Edgar. We kick of this epic war with a very well placed and positional start. Bob, using the obvious move Nf3 went onto create a position in which both bishops were placed on B2 and G2. Black kept his nerve though as Mark did not go super-aggressive and had no intention of extending the position any further even though both armies were fully developed. A single pawn had been taken by move 24 and by move 28 the game was agreed a draw with a repeated knight move by Black, but was it surely the end? Well done to both players.

Board 2 - David Blower v Tony Meakin. Blower as white seemed to push Tony to the limit as this was the last game to finish in the evening. Tony decided to go 3 pawns for the Knight in the end game. Black fought valiantly but the Brewood player out-manoeuvred him and created a passed pawn plus the rook knight combo was just too much to handle for the extra pawns. Black honourably resigned.

Board 3 - Paul Guest v Luke Sullivan. Luke had the White pieces and tried his luck with the English opening c4 Nf3. Paul as Black gained the centre with e5 and with White's queen coming out to gain the semi-open file, black was immediately on the defensive. Luke managed to secure a good opening with pieces well coordinated. Black was holding very well and developing nicely. With a pawn push to defend this was a chance to trap Black's knight and it looked like black had fell for it. The queen's were quickly exchanged and Black was a Knight down. White quickly gathered all the attackers he could to swarm the F file against the king and an unstoppable pawn sacrifice soon followed but Black wouldn't let it continue any longer and resigned on move 32.

Board 4 - David Buckley v James Perks. David With white was trying to get his third Rugeley victory in a row. James was coming for revenge and was going all out. Castling opposite sides led to a very interesting set of variations in which it was very easy for White to gain a massive attacking advantage. After 9 moves James made a blunder and unfortunately became a whole rook down. A few more moves were exchanged and Black had no choice but to offer his hand in resignation.

Well done to Brewood who won the match 2.5 - 1.5 Thanks to all players from both clubs.

Luke Sullivan, (Cannock Div 2 Captain)

13/03/2018 Stourbridge B v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

The captain had a "good feeling" about this match and welcomed Stourbridge to Rugeley.

Board 1 Catherine Hiley v Hossameldin Aboushady. The visitor opened very aggressively and thrust his pawns down both flanks. Cath waited until her opponent made an error which there was no coming back from. A win for the home team.

Board 2 Rob Fell v Eric Horwill. Evenly matched grading-wise but Rob didn't come with his A game tonight, and buckled under mounting pressure.

Board 3 Matt Carr v Richard Wilkinson. After Matt's last epic encounter I think he was after a quick result, he was the first to finish after securing a draw.

Board 4 Bob Edgar v Jeremy Humphries. Bob had the upper hand in this game and felt in control, he dominated the final stages in the game to secure another win for Rugeley

Board 5 Tony Meakin v Steve Alcock. Tony tried a few tricks in this game but his opponent was not going to be outsmarted, having little or no advantage a draw was agreed.

Board 6 Luke Sullivan v Trevor Tennant. Luke played well until the 47th move, but fortunately for Luke his opponent ran out of time before he could capitilise.

So the captain was right again. well played all!

Catherine Hiley, (Sec)

08/03/2018 Halesowen v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

The journey to Halesowen was a relaxed venture. After recent results we felt that the pressure had lifted somewhat so were actually looking forward to this fixture with a degree of optimism.

Board 1 Dustin Bowcott v Catherine Hiley. Cath entered this match in relaxed fashion. Maybe too relaxed as after half an hour due to a slight miscalculation she was soon on the backfoot and ultimately heading for an early bath!

Board 2 Andy Ambrose v Rob Fell. Not to be outdone by Cath I decided to ignore the basics of Chess - developing pieces and castling early and soon found myself in a whole lot of trouble. I milked it for all I could but the cream soon rose to the top and I too headed for an early bath - 2-0 to the home team.

Board 3 John Davis v Matt Carr. Cometh the hour - cometh the Matt! What can I say, after 2-0 down early on it looked like curtains for Rugeley. Only for the rest of the boards to dig in deep and especially Matt who went for the jugular knowing what was at stake. A brilliant win and came at the nick of time too - phew!

Board 4 Richard Woolley v Bob Edgar. Our Bob played solidly and little by little carved out opportunities that would eventually result in our first win of the match - nobody was pulling the wool over Bob's eyes tonight!

Board 5 John Southcote v Tony Meakin. A game which was evenly matched from the word go. With little to give from either side a draw was the obvious outcome.

Board 6 Silas Bowcott-Terry v Luke Sullivan. Luke was up against one of the younger players of the evening, although this was no easy task as his little opponent played very solidly and due to precise play a draw was eventually agreed. He then went home to read the Beano while the younger Halesowen player rejoiced in earning a valuable point!

So we eventually drew the match 3-3 and a very proud Captain left in the knowledge that the deep well of reserves of Rugeley had served us well. Such was my satisfaction that I promised to field exactly the same team in the following match - how could i not??

Rob Fell, (Wolverhampton League Div 2 Captain)

Latest Games

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Season Competition Fixture Players Result
2018 Rugeley 50th Tournament Patrick Waller v Rich Wiltshir Patrick Waller v Rich Wiltshir (1-0)
2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Rushall Luke Sullivan v Shane Cooksey (1-0)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Stourbridge B Luke Sullivan v Trevor Tennant (1-0)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Brewood v Rugeley Paul Wright v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rushall v Rugeley Rich Wiltshir v Matt Carr (0-1)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Boldmere Patrick Waller v Sandy Wilson (1-0)
2017 - 18 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Walsall Kipping Patrick Waller v Peter Nixon (1-0)
2017 - 18 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Luke Sullivan Bob Edgar v Luke Sullivan (1-0)
2017 - 18 Cannock Div 2 Tamworth v Rugeley Chris Harrington v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
2017 - 18 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Patrick Waller Catherine Hiley v Patrick Waller (½ - ½)
2017 - 18 Club Rapidplay Luke Sullivan v Patrick Waller Luke Sullivan v Patrick Waller (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Tony Meakin v Mike Page Tony Meakin v Mike Page (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley (½ - ½)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley Bob Edgar v Catherine Hiley (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar Catherine Hiley v Bob Edgar (1-0)
2016 - 17 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Rushall Luke Sullivan v Josh Hennion (1-0)
2016 - 17 Club Champs Mike Page v Catherine Hiley Mike Page v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2016 - 17 Chase Cup Sutton Coldfield Marek Soszynski v Patrick Waller (½ - ½)
2016 - 17 Wolverhampton Div 2 Kidderminster A v Rugeley Bob Edgar v John Chester (0-1)