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Updated Sunday 17th October 2021

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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

Interested in checking out the club contact Catherine on email at

Please see the Games tab where the club is building up a library of interesting games for people to review.

How to find us

Lea Hall Colliery Sports & Social Club
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

Please see the "Large Map" for an interactive Multimap of our venue.

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Latest News

14/10/21 WDCL EGM

The WDCL was attended by myself to establish how we finish the 2019-20 season. The outcome of which can be seen on the WDCL website. Unfortunately the league has seen withdrawals of Brewood and Kidderminster (hopefully temporarily), and noticeable deaths over the last 18 months. We paid our respects and got down to this seasons business. 4 boards per team neutral venue can be agreed if preferred (Rugeley have Stourbridge). A leeway of 75 grading points has been established otherwise play on order of strength.

The fixtures for the forthcoming season will be done via email by 20th November. No relegation or promotion as this is a one-off season, then hopefully normal rules will resume.

Catherine Hiley, (Club Sec)

12/10/21 Rugeley v Lichfield A CDCL div 3

Our second home match was against Lichfield A. Punctual as ever, and clocks started, the match was on.

Board 1 Tony Meakin v Ray Sawyer. Tony opened aggressively and had white on the back foot early on. A draw offer by black in the middle game was declined although later White made a positional error giving Tony a very dominant square for his knight. Upon realising there was no breakthrough for either, a draw was offered and this time accepted. 0.5-0.5

Board 2 Luke Sullivan v Fred Biles. Luke opened with the Reti and an early kingside castle. Black played very solidly but had 4 pawn islands to white's 2. Queens got exchanged on whites terms. This proved to be fatal as a misplaced rook maneouver had Luke in an unsolvable problem and he couldn't stop a unconnected passed pawn from queening. 0.5-1.5

Board 3 Rory Melough v Stuart Andrews. Andrews opened agressively but black had castled safely. The battle was for the centre, and so Black's rooks dominated the controlling files and pushed for an advantage. The pressure was too much for white and Rory collected the victory after his oppnnet lost his queen. 1.5-1.5

Board 4 Tom Woodhall v Keith Milner.Tom Woodhall v Keith Milner Just like Toms previous game this was the last to finish in the evening. Very little material was actually off the board by the time the middle game had come, with open lines for both and 2 bishops for white. Keith was extremely short on time. Tom found a beautiful forced check mate and black resigned before the fatal blow.

Final match score 2.5 - 1.5. Thanks to all players and good luck to Lichfield in the remainder of the League.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 3 captain)

30/09/21 Stafford v Rugeley CDCL div 3

Rugeley paid their close neighbours Stafford a visit in our second local league match of the 2021 season. Despite guiding our club secretary around stafford town centre's road works via mobile and grabbing a coffee, we managed to sit down on time. Then the madness began.

Board 1 Gabor Somogyi vs Catherine Hiley. Cath lead on time but let her advantage slip away in the middle game. Unfortunately white missed an opportunity to draw allowing Gabor to promote his pawn and this ended Caths night. 1-0

Board 2 David Barker Vs Luke Sullivan. Taken completely out of book by move 10 Luke controlled his nerves. Considering very little material had been exchanged late on into the game, a sudden strike in the centre cost Luke his winning chances and David was on the attack himself. Luke tried one last trick in hope that his opponent would take with the wrong piece and it worked! A draw was a fair result for 2 hard fighting gentlemen. 1.5- 0.5

Board 3 Evan Clarke vs James Perks. No holds barred in this game, as both opponents were swinging for the advantage with open lines and aggressive moves. It was going to be a short game. James decided a late castle was appropriate but cost him a bishop around move 10, and with a bold push from Evan, Black was mated on move 19, but a brilliant effort from both. 2.5- 0.5

Board 4- Stephen Luff vs Tom Woodhall. This was the last game to finish in the evening and it was very tense to watch. Both players were relatively equal in material despite Rugeley having the extra piece. Tom made a tactical error in the middle game causing his king to become slightly weak and Stafford pounced. Rooks got exchanged and Tom made his final move. Unfortunately forgetting his opponent had mate in 1. 3.5-0.5

Thanks to all players for participating and good luck to Stafford in their future matches.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 3 captain)

28/09/21 Rugeley v Norton Canes CDCL div 3

The first match of the 2021 season would have seen Rugeley taking on Norton Canes. Prepared and eager to start we awaited a much anticipated match. Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances Norton didn't arrive and therefore defaulted on all boards.

Thanks to the members who waited patiently, onto the next challenge.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 3 captain)

14/09/21 CDCL AGM

The CDCL was attended by Steve Luke and myself to establish how we finish the 2019-20 season. It was good news all round for Rugeley as we were declared joint winners with Oscott for div 2 and outright winners for div 3. Also Steve Whatmore was voted as Patrick's replacement as Vice President.

The fixtures for the forthcoming season are online and Luke Sullivan is captain both divisions.

Catherine Hiley, (Club Sec)

07/09/21 2021 AGM

Our AGM was held tonight we had a good turnout and lively debate for such a small club, we were decisive on going ahead with competitive chess as we have all missed it.

The details can be found on the 'OTHER' Tab. Please take a look and let me know if there have been any glaring omissions, otherwise I will assume all is well. The website will be updated with new season in next week or so.

Catherine Hiley, (Club Sec)

26/08/21 Internal competition

An all-play-all rapid internal competition is due to take place on 31/08/21.

We have decided to hold an internal all play all, ECF rated, Rapid tournament. Our first of anything competitive since we returned a few weeks ago. We're expecting a good turnout and it should be nice to see the improvement of players over the season. With an incremental time control of 5+6 we are hoping at least 6 games played!.

Hope to see you there at 7:30 prompt start. Good luck, have fun!

Luke Sullivan, (Chess fan)

19/08/21 Rugeley Chess Club, on their travels.

Rugeley friendly v Stafford.

We played a pre-season friendly on 19.08.21 - our first outing as a team for nearly 18 months. Tony captained our squad & arranged with Peter Evans his counterpart at Stafford for us to visit them. Luke got lost & Steve Luff, Stafford's board 5, volunteered to wander around the town to try to find him. They eventually joined us after about 15 minutes of 'I'm by a big island - am I close?' & 'I can see Sainsbury's from here' (ever heard of google maps Mr Sullivan?)

The challenge was set up as 2 x 25 minute games with 10 second increments per move over 5 boards. In game 1 the opponents were (Stafford named first):

Andrew Mowat (1743) v Steve Whatmore (1825)

Ken McNulty (1698) v Matthew Carr (1705)

Andrew Leadbetter (1548) v Luke Sullivan (1525)

Evan Clark (ungraded) v Tony Meakin (1585)

Steve Luff (ungraded) v James Perks (1300)

Tony finished 1st, although he came 2nd but then James won (possibly helped by Luke's tactic of wearing his opponent out earlier in the evening) to tie the scores at 1-1. Wins by Steve & Luke made it 3-1 & then Matt had a draw to make it 3.5-1.5 at the half way mark.

Peter then made a tactical substitution & another Stafford newbie Gabor Somogyi joined on board 4 in place of Ken, with Andrew & Evan moving up a board.

Things began well with Andrew cornering Matt's King in a corner with a 3-fold repetition offered but Matt decided to play something more adventurous & the gamble backfired 0-1. James won his 2nd game of the night - he's been practicing a lot with his sons & it shows - & then Tony added a victory to make it 2-1, meaning that we had won the overall game. Luke then won again (helped by Evan missing a mate in 2 in a complicated position & under time pressure) & then Steve agreed a draw so Rugeley also won the 2nd half 3.5-1.5 to take an overall 7-3 win.

It was so good to get our competitive juices flowing & it will be good to try to organise a return fixture before our respective league seasons hopefully get under way in the Autumn.

Thanks to Stafford for hosting us & being so welcoming & hospitable.

Next up is another friendly at home to Lichfield on Tuesday.

Steve Whatmore.

18/08/21 Rugeley Chess Club, UPDATE

Updated chess news in Rugeley.

The AGM is scheduelled for 7th September at 7:30, if you're not able to attend please make your availability for the upcoming season known to the committee.

Anyone interested in playing chess just to let you know that Rugeley Chess Club is back. We're still in the Computer room upstairs and there are no restrictions in place regarding numbers etc. You can wear a mask should you wish to and people will fully respect this decsion.

There is still Rugeley Chess Club online on Lichess for those members who dont quite feel ready to come down to Lea Hall. Play online chess

Rugeley Library Chess Club is still suspended until further notice, but hoping to get back soon.

Catherine Hiley, (Secretary)

Latest Games

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Season Competition Fixture Players Result
2021 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Tom Woodhall v Keith Milner (1-0)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Bushbury A v Rugeley Bill Hulley v Lee Grinsell (0-1)
2019 Christmas Simultaneous David Howell GM v Matt Carr David Howell v Matt Carr (1-0)
2019 Christmas Simultaneous David Howell GM v Catherine Hiley David Howell v Catherine Hiley (1-0)
2019 Christmas Simultaneous David Howell GM v Steve Whatmore David Howell v Steve Whatmore (½ - ½)
2019 -20 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Tamworth James Perks v Alexis Edwards (1-0)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Warley Quinborne Steve Whatmore v Dave Jeffs (1-0)
2019 -20 Chase Cup Wolverhampton v Rugeley Peter Pearson-Jones v Tony Meakin (0-1)
2019 -20 Club Champs Bill Hulley v Tony Meakin Bill Hulley v Tony Meakin (1-0)
2019 -20 Club Champs Luke Sullivan v Catherine Hiley Luke Sullivan v Catherine Hiley (½ - ½)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Kidderminster B v Rugeley Catherine Hiley v John Whitehead (1-0)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Kidderminster B v Rugeley Steve Whatmore v David Waud (1-0)
2019 -20 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Luke Sullivan v John Fryer (1-0)
2019 -20 Club Champs Luke Sullivan v Rob Fell Luke Sullivan v Rob Fell (1-0)
2019 -20 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Steve Whatmore Catherine Hiley v Steve Whatmore (½ - ½)
2019 -20 Club Champs Catherine Hiley v Rob Fell Catherine Hiley v Rob Fell (1-0)
2018 - 19 Chase Cup Wolverhampton v Rugeley Gordon Sands v Luke Sullivan (0-1)
2018 - 19 Club Champs Bob Edgar v Steve Whatmore Bob Edgar v Steve Whatmore (1-0)
2018 - 19 Club Champs Steve Whatmore v Bob Edgar Steve Whatmore v Bob Edgar (½ - ½)
2018 - 19 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Brewood Derek Laight v Steve Whatmore (0-1)