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Updated Wednesday 18th May 2022

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Rugeley chess club usually meets every week on Tuesdays at the Lea Hall Social Club usually starting about 7:30 pm. We play chess socially for fun and we also participate in local leagues playing chess at various competitive levels.

Whatever your aim is we are sure to be able to satisfy your chess fix so why not pop down and give our club a try?

Interested in checking out the club contact Catherine on email at

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Lea Hall Colliery Sports & Social Club
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

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Latest News

18/05/22 Rugeley Chess Club End of Season Blitz tournament

It's been a strange season following the Covid hiatus, and in order to bring some much needed "normality" Matt Carr generously hosted and played in the 5 mins blitz all play all event.

It was a fantastic night with some surprising results, here's how it panned out.

Congratulations to Matt Carr for winning the tournament whilst ensuring that the rules were meticulously followed. Quite the arbiter.

Catherine Hiley, (Club Sec)

16/05/22 Rushall v Rugeley CDCL div 2

Our final match of the div 2 season, saw us head to Aldridge social club where Cath eventually managed to park.

Board 1 – Manpreet Sangha v Bill Hulley. White kept the pressure up with every move. Bill played cautiously but unfortunately lost a knight to his significantly higher-rated opponent and black had no winning chances. 1-0.

Board 2 - Roger Bray Vs Catherine Hiley. Black was on the attack but with a relatively equal end game, white was struggling to find moves and with seconds left on the clock it wasn't enough for him to gain anything. 0-1

Board 3 - Shriya Pillay v Luke sullivan. Luke was definitely out of his comfort zone with his talented opponents choice of counter-play. Every move by white gave a greater response from black. Luke had to sacrifice a knight to create a forced perpetual check. 0.5-0.5

Board 4 - Stephan Winman v Tom Woodhall. Tom's naturally aggressive opening gave white plenty to contemplate. White found a nasty threat which unfortunately lost a piece. 1-0

Final match score 2.5-1.5

Thanks to all players who have contributed throughout the season and congratulations to Rushall on winning the league.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 2 captain)

10/05/22 Rugeley v Oscott CDCL div 2

Oscott came to us for our penultimate match of the season.

Board 1 – Bob Edgar v Ron Neal. Both sides played a steady game. Bob defended well and may have even had a slight advantage when a draw offer was made and accepted, early into the evening. 0.5-0.5.

Board 2 - Catherine Hiley v Kevin Spillane. It seemed as though black was on the back foot in the middle game where Cath had good chances to push. Alas a blunder from white cost her the game a few moves later. 0-1.

Board 3 - Tony Meakin v Leslie Andrews. Tony played cautiously not giving white any possibilities. Most pieces were exchanged including the queens, so a draw was offered by Black and accepted. 0.5-0.5

Board 4 - Luke Sullivan Vs Liam O'Connor. Not the most exciting of games with both players keeping solid. Black was a little hasty in his queen development but managed to not trap her. With most major pieces exchanged off the board, Luke accepted the draw in a position neither side could win. 0.5-0.5

Final match score 1.5-2.5

Thanks to all players and good luck to Oscott in future games.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 2 captain)

25/04/22 Lichfield v Rugeley CDCL div 2

We headed over to our neighbouring club for a vital Cannock league match.

Board 1 – David Hulme v Catherine Hiley. Black managed to cause Cath slight trouble with an isolated pawn, although Cath found a lovely square for her knight preventing it from ever being taken. Both players were surprised by each other’s play and showed respect with a well-deserved draw offer and acceptance. 0.5-0.5.

Board 2 - Travis Hackett v Luke Sullivan. White made an illegal castling move by touching the rook before the king. Luke quite legitimately insisted that the rook was moved only. Travis kept the tension well but in the middle game madness ensued and black found a nasty forced mating net. 0-1.

Board 3 - David Fone v Rory Melough. Rory Melough v David Fone With Black low on time and a pawn down it looked as if Rory was in a comfortable positon. Controversially, a spectator interfered informing David about the clock, Rory wasn't impressed with the disturbance, but managed to maintain his composure and convert the advantage to a win. A brilliancy under the circumstances. 0-1

Board 4 - John Moughtin-Leay v James Perks. With the queen’s gambit on the board it was an open game creating chances for both sides. The young Lichfield player was just a bit sharper on the night and found a nice combination that forced James' hand. 1-0

Final match score 1.5-2.5

Thanks to all players and good luck to Lichfield in future games.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 2 captain)

12/04/22 Mercia v Rugeley WDCL div 2

With a couple of club members struck down with Covid-19, we started the match against Mercia with only 3 players and with our opponents fielding a team of players all around the 1800 grade the outlook was bleak.

Board 3 Steve Tyler v James Perks. James put up a good fight on board 3 but with a significant difference just got over-powered around move 30.

Board 2 Callum Simms v Tony Meakin. Tony got off to a slow start and his opponent developed his pieces with good attacking options. Eventually, after parrying a number of attacks Tony launched an offensive of his own and with pressure mounting on his opponents king he snatched a pawn. With a long way still to go in the game but a pawn to the good Tony offered a draw which his higher graded opponent accepted.

Board 1 Andrew McCumiskey v Matt Carr. Matt, playing on top board against a fellow arbiter seemed to be having a tight tactical battle then inexplicably lost a bishop and fearing the worst Tony and James left for home. Amazingly, Matt battled on to claim a draw by repetition.

Board 4 Defaulted due to sickness.

Mercia won the match 3-1.

Tony Meakin, (WDCL Div 2 captain)

05/04/22 Rugeley v Stafford CDCL div 2

It was good to see our local club Stafford come to us for another match in the Cannock league. .

Board 1 - Bill Hulley v Steve Whatmore. Both men had a well rounded game creating possible chances for each side. With no discernible advantage for either side Bill offered a draw late on, which was accepted by black. 0.5-0.5.

Board 2 - Catherine Hiley v Kenneth McNulty. After a pawn sacrifice in the Advanced French Cath quoted as 'fine', she managed to wriggle out of a decent attack in the middle game and came out on top. The attack from her was too much and black was running out of time. 1.5 -0.5.

Board 3 - Luke Sullivan v Evan Clark. Luke got his rook into trouble and lost the exchange. Evan had two rooks and Black had a well-placed knight, rook and 2 pawns. Full of tactical possibilities in a complicated end game, neither side knew how to proceed in time pressure. Luke accepted the draw offer. 2.0 -1.0

Board 4 - Tom Woodhall v Neill Harvey-Smith. Opposite side castling had both players causing chaos. Black gained a pawn and kept up the tempo with attacking threats. Tom tried to counter threat with a mating net but blacks attack came a tempo quicker. 2 -2

Thanks to all players and good luck to Stafford in future games.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 2 captain)

15/03/22 Rugeley v Lichfield A CDCL div 2

Lichfield came to Rugeley for our second division 2 match of the season.

Board 1 - Matthew Carr v Lukasz Walijewski. White took advantage after a weakening king side pawn push from Black in the end game. In the tense last second of the game a check mate was given. 0-1

Board 2 - Luke Sullivan v Peter Collins. After Peter played an exchange sacrifice early on it was only clear to Luke 20 moves later why it was justified. Out-played and out-classed White resigned in a bad position. 0-2

Board 3 - Rory Melough v Ray Sawyer. The position was equal for most of the opening but in a hasty exchange of pieces, Rory found himself a piece down. Ideas of a perpetual were not achievable later into middle game. Black graciously resigned. 0-3

Board 4 - James Perks v Jack Hitchman. Steady start from both players as neither could push for anything in the opening. James lost a pawn later on giving Black much more to gain. It was clear that this was only heading one way. White gave his hand. 0-4

Thanks to all players and good luck to Lichfield in future games.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 2 captain)

10/03/22 Wolverhampton v Rugeley CDCL div 2

The new season has begun for Rugeley and to kick things off we headed to Wolverhampton’s classy venue for battle.

Board 1 - Ioannis Stefanis v Catherine Hiley.Catherine Hiley v Ioannis Stefanis Catherine used her might at the board to overwhelm Black pretty much out of the opening. Not only did she have a 2 pawn advantage in the middle game but one of those had a clear route to promotion. 0-1

Board 2 - John Lee v Tony Meakin. Tony was extremely cautious and it paid off when his opponent lost a piece from a clever combination. Black played well which earned him a win late into the middle game. 0-2

Board 3 - Geoff Rosser v Luke Sullivan. Luke Sullivan v Geoff Rosser Unfortunately black misplaced his knight in the opening and after an exchange, a tactic from Luke was costing black a piece or check mate. The extra piece eventually proves too much and check mate was delivered. 0-3

Board 4 - Andrew Adams v Tom Woodhall. After a valiant effort from Tom, his opponent played well beyond his grading strength. Tom felt outplayed and graciously resigned. 1-3

Thanks to all players and good luck to Wolverhampton in future games.

Luke Sullivan, (Div 2 captain)

20/01/22 Stafford v Rugeley WDCL div 2

Our 2nd away Wolverhampton League match of the shortened season saw us travel up the road to local rivals Stafford. With both teams pretty well matched it promised to be a competitive game.

Gabor Somogyi v Tony Meakin on board 4 finished first with Tony overwhelming his opponent & quickly going a full rook ahead. 1-0 to Rugeley.

Board 3 – Bob Edgar defeated Ken McNulty. After winning a bishop in the middle game, Bob got into a great position which led to an unstoppable mating attack shortly afterwards. 2-0 to Rugeley.

Board 2 – Matt Carr was defeated by Andrew Mowat – with level pawns in the endgame Andrew took advantage of his Queenside majority & there was no way for Matt to halt the on-rushing pawns. 2-1 to Rugeley.

Board 1 – Steve Whatmore had a mammoth tussle with Pavel Nefyodov which culminated in Steve’s rook & 2 pawns v Pavel’s bishop & 5 pawns. Sadly for Pavel his time expired with the position on a knife edge but pretty level according to my chess engine. A 3-1 victory for Rugeley.

We therefore top the early Division 2 table with a win & draw from our first 2 games. Thanks to Stafford for their warm welcome & the friendly competitive game.

Steve Whatmore, (WDCL Div 2 captain)

Latest Games

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Season Competition Fixture Players Result
2022 Club Champs Bill Hulley v Luke Sullivan Bill Hulley v Luke Sullivan (½ - ½)
2022 Cannock Div 2 Lichfield v Rugeley Rory Melough v David Fone (1-0)
2022 Club Champs Bill Hulley v Bob Edgar Bill Hulley v Bob Edgar (1-0)
2022 Cannock Div 2 Catherine Hiley v Ioannis Stefanis Catherine Hiley v Iaonnis Stefanis (1 - 0)
2022 Cannock Div 2 Luke Sullivan v Geoff Rosser Luke Sullivan v Geoff Rosser (1 - 0)
2022 Club Champs Luke Sullivan v Steve Whatmore Luke Sullivan v Steve Whatmore (1 - 0)
2021 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Rushall David Jarvis v Luke Sullivan (0 - 1)
2021 Cannock Div 2 Oscott v Rugeley Keith Thomas v Catherine Hiley (0-1)
2021 Cannock Div 3 Rugeley v Lichfield Tom Woodhall v Keith Milner (1-0)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Bushbury A v Rugeley Bill Hulley v Lee Grinsell (0-1)
2019 Christmas Simultaneous David Howell GM v Matt Carr David Howell v Matt Carr (1-0)
2019 Christmas Simultaneous David Howell GM v Catherine Hiley David Howell v Catherine Hiley (1-0)
2019 Christmas Simultaneous David Howell GM v Steve Whatmore David Howell v Steve Whatmore (½ - ½)
2019 -20 Cannock Div 2 Rugeley v Tamworth James Perks v Alexis Edwards (1-0)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Rugeley v Warley Quinborne Steve Whatmore v Dave Jeffs (1-0)
2019 -20 Chase Cup Wolverhampton v Rugeley Peter Pearson-Jones v Tony Meakin (0-1)
2019 -20 Club Champs Bill Hulley v Tony Meakin Bill Hulley v Tony Meakin (1-0)
2019 -20 Club Champs Luke Sullivan v Catherine Hiley Luke Sullivan v Catherine Hiley (½ - ½)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Kidderminster B v Rugeley Catherine Hiley v John Whitehead (1-0)
2019 -20 Wolverhampton Div 2 Kidderminster B v Rugeley Steve Whatmore v David Waud (1-0)