Rugeley Chess Club

2018 Rapidplay Tournament


50th Anniversary

Was held on 7 April to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rugeley Chess Club. The successful event was run by International Arbiter our own Matt Carr and assisted by Dave Thomas. Fifty-eight players competed over seven rounds in three sections (click on the links below for the full results). The prize winners were as follows

OPEN (8 players, all play all)

Gary Kenworthy won the all-play-all Open section of this rapidplay event.

1 (£120)Gary Kenworthy (Bedfordshire) 5½/7
2 (£45) Marek Mazek (Heywood) 5/7,
= (£45) Lawrence Cooper (Stafford) 5/7,
Grading prize:(£25) Damian McCarthy (Culcheth).

MAJOR (21 players, Swiss)

1 (£70) Peter Collins (Lichfield) 5½/7,
= (£70) Phil Bull (Wolverhampton) 5½/7,
= (£70) Douglas Barnett (Crewe) 5½/7,
Grading prize:(£25) Robert Fell (Rugeley) - 5/7,

MINOR (29 players, Swiss)

1 (£120) Robert Marks (Sutton Coldfield) 6.5/7
2 (£45) David Blower (Brewood) 5.5,
= (£45) Steve Whatmore 5.5,
Grading prize:(£25) Simon Layhe (Crewe) 4.5.

Picture Gallery

Tournament setup Patrick Waller congratulates Gary Kenworthy from Bedfordshire Rugeley's 50th anniversary The Hiley thrust Tournament action The Rugeley Chess squad