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Old News from 2012

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11th December 2012 Rugeley Chess Club All-Play-All Christmas blitz competition

Tonight was the fourth Rugeley Chess Club Christmas All-Play-All blitz competition held at Lea Hall.

The format was the same as last year the only difference was Matt adorning an official arbiter shirt, the time controls were 10 secs a move per player until the 40th move when it decreases to 5 seconds, which lead to another series of entertaining matches.

Tony, had a mixed night, he thrashed me quite convincingly but lost to Mike, Rob and Dave, and finished with a satisfactory 3/6.

Rob Fell managed to make an illegal move and move his knight like a rook and get away with it, Gordon was definitely "Robbed" of a win, Rob managed 3.5/6.
Mike enjoyed the evening and only lost to myself and Dave, managing to win the rest and deserving 2nd place with a nice bottle of wine.

Matt was in arbiter mode, and did a great job, his blitz chess may need fine tuning though as he finished on 2/6.

I had mixed fortunes, won some lost some, but had a fabulous evening and was pleased to finish with 3.5 points due to a lucky draw with Gordon.

Conor's second attempt at this competition didn't bring him much luck, maybe third time will.

It was Gordon's maiden blitz competition and he fared well only losing 2 games and unlucky not to win his 2 drawn games.. one to watch next year.

Steve managed a good 3/6 result in this competition which was a lottery at times.

Patrick had mixed fortune beating higher graded opponents (in long play), but then time pressure took its toll and ended up with 2/6 points.

Dave was the runaway winner, and gained 6/6 points.. bagging the first prize and a place on the club roll of honour.
Congratulations to Dave and many thanks to Matt for arbitering the event, it was a really fun evening with a good turnout.

The competition match results are attached Rugeley Chess Club All-Play-All ChristmasBlitz results

Catherine Hiley.

4th December 2012 Club Championship Results

Rob and Tony played their 1st leg of Pool A.

Managed to watch some of the match but it finished quite quickly, Tony played very cautiously, perhaps giving Rob a little too much respect.. and in the end Rob came away with another win to secure his position at the top of Pool A.

2nd December 2012 Adjudication update v Mercia A, Wolverhampton League Division 2

After much deliberation, Dave conceded that it was unlikely he would get a positive result from his game, therefore we lost the match 2.5-3.5.

27th November 2012 Rugeley v Mercia A, Wolverhampton League Division 2

We welcomed Mercia A, our last opponents of 2012, we anticipated a challenging evening and it didn't disappoint.

Board 5. Mike Page v John Phillips. Mike struggled, as he couldn't get open lines and play his natural game, but he played well and was happy to take the draw.
Board 6. Gordon Attwell v Dave Webb. Gordon's very first competitive match for Rugeley was to prove to be a tough one, Gordon looked to have the edge in the opening but took a poisoned pawn and subsequently lost his bishop, valiantly fought on, but his opponent was strong enough to finish with a win.

Board 3. Catherine Hiley v Barry Smith. I think Barry lost the moment he said "oh no I'm not playing her", he let me attack and a sudden desperate surge of pawns weakened his king, and led to his ultimate (and possibly predictable) lost game.

Board 4. Steve Heath v Dave Jeffs. Steve was supremely confident throughout his game, felt in control but failed to spot the correct order of a killer combination which then fizzled out into a draw.

Board 2. Rob Fell v Derek Perks. Rob seemed to struggle against Derek, and tried to get a good attack going, but was a pawn down and played an excellent endgame to deserve a draw.

Board 5. Dave Amour v Peter Thompson. Dave looked relaxed throughout the game, but it was clear at the end this wasn't going to finish tonight, an adjudication was agreed. Dave felt that although he was material down, his pieces were far better placed than his opponents

Rugeley are poised at 2.5-2.5, so if Dave draws at the very least we secure a good point, you'll see the result here first!

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2 capt.

20th November 2012 Rugeley v Brewood, Cannock League Division 3

Rugeley welcomed Brewood in Cannock league 3, and expected a win as we outgraded them on every board.

Board 1. Catherine Hiley v Peter Crozet. Catherine's opponent played a variation of the English, which worked out in Catherine's favour as she gained a central key pawn in the middle game. She kept up the pressure and victory soon came.

Board 2. Steve Heath v David Blower. Steve had a stunning attack with all the pieces working beautifully together however he missed a killer combination, but it only meant that it prolonged the agony for his opponent, as Steve was the last to win.

Board 3. Tony Meakin v Mark Binfield. Mark had beaten Mike Page earlier this year and tonight was not a vintage performance for the Rugeley captain. It was a slow start with a locked up position, however Tony managed to find a breakthrough and battled hard for a win.

Board 4. Rob Matthews v Danny Binfield. It's fair to say that Rob won't be relishing meeting this 10 year old again, after 16 moves Rob was in big trouble and a piece down, but in adversity the Wolves fan found some fighting spirit and managed to conjure a victorious position and then managed to stalemate his opponent, in what may be known as the 'karma effect'.

Rugeley record another win to take them top of the league, thanks to all who played.

Tony Meakin, Cannock League Division 3 capt.

16-17th November 2012 Children in Need

Matt Carr played a gruelling 24hrs non-stop chess challenge to raise money for Children in Need. He raised an impressive £500+ total. Congratulations on a huge achievement.

13th November 2012 Club Championship Results

Mike and Rob played their 2nd leg of Pool A and Conor and Cath play their Pool B match.

It was a close game between Mike and Rob, an open game with threats abundant, we almost thought that Rob had fluffed his endgame but with steady play his pawn advantage won the game.

It was never going to be easy for Conor, but to his credit he played a much better opening than his previous matches but still failed to recapture vital pieces which lost him the game in the end.

7th November 2012 Cannock v Rugeley, Cannock League Division 3

Local rivals, Cannock and Rugeley faced each other in Cannock league 3 at Bridgetown Social.

Board 1. John Montague v Mike Page. Clash of the Titans. In a tight game, Mike as ever, went all out for the attack controlling the centre with doubled rooks. John fought back -winning the exchange. Mike continued his advance and achieved equality. Eventually, the attack fizzled out only for the Rugeley player to capture a central pawn thus creating a passed pawn which eventually proved to be the difference.
Board 2. John Carr v Steve Heath. Late entrant Steve struggled against a spirited John Carr losing a piece for a pawn and John's two central Knights made positioning pieces tricky with Knight forks an ever present threat, but with time running out a draw was agreed.

Board 3. Craig Horrobin v Tony Meakin. Clash of the captains. Both players started steadily and there were no pieces removed in the early stages of the game which forced Craig to use valuable time thinking about a complex board. The Cannock captain still had about half a dozen moves to make to reach to time control and in the rush lost a pawn which created a passed pawn for Tony, the pressure was too much and resignation soon followed.

Board 4. David Appleton v Conor Verschoyle. A reasonable start soon degenerated into chaos as the Rugeley youngster had a night to forget. A series of poor moves combined with a lack of development gave David the upper hand. Conor clung on to record 40 moves but advanced defensive pawns and not taking pieces made the result inevitable.
Rugeley record another win, thanks to all who played.

Tony Meakin, Cannock League Division 3 capt.

6th November 2012 Club Championship Result

Steve and Cath play their second Pool B match.

After their last encounter Steve felt he needed more aggressive play to win the second tie, and he played very openly and Cath just had to wait as Steve threw caution to the wind, highly entertaining game but 70+ moves later, Steve reluctantly resigned as Cath's pawn advance was unstoppable.

31st October 2012 Stourbridge B v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

We didn't have the best of starts to this evening as we were forced to default a board and most of the team were driving around the ring road making them late.

Board 2. Eric Horwill v Rob Fell. Rob finished rather early but felt that a draw was inevitable.

Board 1. Ron Evans v Dave Amour. Dave clearly hasn't lost his competitive edge and eased through his first game for the club.

Board 3. John Foxall v Catherine Hiley. I was quite fortunate in this game to come out of the opening a pawn up, my opponents lack of development hindered his defence and I seized upon his King with every piece I had.

Board 5. Steve Alcock v Tony Meakin. It seemed to me that Tony had a small advantage, but Tony was happy to offer the draw, some games are like that.
Board 4. Colin Woodall v Mike Page. Mike was aware of the evening drawing to an end and knew that a draw would secure the match and so happily took the draw.

Board 5. Julie Wilson v default. Julie couldn't have had an easier win.

Rugeley won, 3.5-2.5, thanks to all who played, and braved the long journey.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2 capt.

23rd October 2012 New members & Club Championship News.

We saw the return of a familiar face Dave Amour, who will definitely help strengthen our squad. We also welcomed 2 new faces Gordon & Steven and look forward to them becoming regular club members.

Mike and Tony played their first Championship match, it proved to be a very tense encounter with Mike having a slight advantage, but uncharacteristically started to play cautiously, and ended up a pawn down. However Tony didn't manage to capitalise and ended up in a draw, which was a fair conclusion in the end.

20+21st October 2012 The annual chess congress trip to Scarborough

A season just wouldn't be complete without Mike & Tony's adventure to Scarborough. Tales of sacks, and buxom wenches aplenty, apparently they even played chess!

After Mike got over the shock of forgetting his slippers, and toothbrush, in fact all his toiletries. They managed some good games in between a plateful of haddock and chips. They both came away with a very respectable 3/5.

16th October 2012 Club Championship News

Matt has pulled out of tournament due to change of circumstances, Conor has now gone into Pool B.

16th October 2012 Rugeley v Lichfield B, Wolverhampton League Division 2

Lichfield were fielding a rather weakened side and so I was confident we should be off to our first victory.

Board 4. Steve Heath v Charlie Brown. Steve seemed to struggle getting a breakthrough in this rather even battle, his opponent played well to draw against Steve.
Board 2. Catherine Hiley v David Short. David played his naturally steady game and rather frustrated me, I tried to force an attack but it literally took me too long and I lost on time.

Board 1. Rob Fell v Brian Homewood. Rob was looking comfortable throughout most of his game and then an inspired queen move by Brian landed Rob in hot water, luckily for Rob, his opponent lost on time.

Board 6. Tony Meakin v Roy Smith. Tony was the exchange down and fighting to get even, fortune struck when his opponent made some vital errors and promptly handed Tony a win.
Board 3. Matt Carr v John Fryer. Matt had made an error in calculation which gave him a material disadvantage, however time was on his side and Matt honourably accepted a draw with John having 40 seconds left.

Board 5. Mike Page v Stuart Smitton. Mike only required a draw for the team to win and secured our first win this season.

Rugeley won, 3.5-2.5, credit to Lichfield who made this match very competitive despite being outgraded on every board.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2 capt.

16th October 2012

Apologies for late update there was a technical fault on the server which has now been rectified.

9th October 2012 Rugeley v Bushbury, Cannock League Division 3

Board 1. Catherine Hiley v Robert Brodie. Catherine enjoyed this familiar game, full of opening threats and fragile kings, however despite being a pawn up couldn't find a way through and agreed a well-fought draw.

Board 2. Steve Heath v Martin Thorpe. Currently in good form, Steve began steadily building pressure on his opponent and found a beautiful bishop mate.

Board 3. Tony Meakin v Simon Jones . The visiting captain started strongly, taking control of the centre with an early threat of mate. After some exchanges of pieces, Simon was unable to prevent the mate.

Board 4. Conor Verschoyle v Adrian Lissamore. A late and unexpected call up for the youngster due to the withdrawal by Rob Matthews. An old enemy revisited Conor - not his opponent but Bd3 when pawn is on b2! Combined with his reluctance to recapture pieces this became a short game for Conor.

Rugeley continue their good run of form.

Tony Meakin, Cannock League Division 3 capt.

27th September 2012 Wolverhampton A v Rugeley, Wolverhampton League Division 2

At the start of the match I knew it was going to be difficult to get a point as we were outgraded by 20 points on each board.

Board 5. Ilan Dwek v Steve Heath. Steve was tired after a hectic day but he was equal to any attacks, the game was settled in a draw.
Board 1. Philip Bull v Rob Fell. Rob played solidly throughout and at 9pm he offered a draw as it looked like neither player had an advantage but Philip felt he had the better endgame strategy and managed to win.

Board 3. Frank Wood v Patrick Waller. Patrick played typically cautiously, and it reaped a reward of a draw at the second time of asking.

Board 4. Philip Porter v Mike Page. Mike knew he was in for a tough game, and played well, and was happy to accept a draw.

Board 2. David Wightman v Catherine Hiley. I remembered losing to Dave the last time we met, and I struggled in the opening, although materially down I managed to gain positional advantage and I was delighted to accept a draw.

Board 6. Gordon Sands v Tony Meakin. Tony knew that he had to win to secure a point for the team, and was willing to play on, however I couldn't see any real play for either side and advised Tony to take the draw.

Rugeley lost, 3.5-2.5, I was really pleased with the teams performance, it was a positive display regardless of the result.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2 capt.

19th September 2012 Lichfield v Rugeley, Cannock League Division 3

At the start of the new season we were feeling confident and hoped to start off with a win.

Board 1. Yuriy Slobodyuk v Catherine Hiley. A war of attrition! Cath on the dizzy heights of board 1, the place she called home last season, managed to win a pawn but as the endgame approached she committed chess suicide and allowed her opponent to folk rook and passed pawn and it all fell apart from there. Cath, visibly shaken, thundered from the club in line with her mood.

Board 2. Mike Lever v Mike Page. Pushed up the board order due to his recent grade increase, the Rugeley player took control fairly early on in the match but couldn't force the checkmate. However, greater material and control of the board took their toll on his opponents clock and Mike sealed the win.

Board 3. Roy Smith v Tony Meakin. The early part of the game was a tight affair with neither player able to claim the initiative. However, the Rugeley captain won a pawn in the middle game and under pressure the Lichfield captain lost a piece which Tony inadvertently gave back for a fierce attack on the castled king which proved to be the end.

Board 4. Donald Jones v Rob Mattthews. Robs analysis of his game was that he played the opening poorly. Robs pawn structure was compromised early on, and he lost a piece under pressure from a passed pawn. However, the Lichfield player was focused on converting his pawns which he failed to do and forgot about a knight in the process. At the end Rob was 3 pawns to 2 ahead but the pawn advantage was a Rooks pawn and the draw was inevitable.

Rugeley began their Cannock League campaign in fine style with a win at Lichfield, (1.5-2.5), and although it wasn't all plain sailing, there were some very positive performances.

Tony Meakin, Cannock League Division 3 capt.

4th September 2012 Rugeley v Rushall B, Wolverhampton League Division 2

At the start of the new season campaign we were struggling to find a full team, thankfully Rob Matthews and Tony Meakin stepped in to save my blushes.

Board 1. Rob Fell v Peter Broomhall. Apparently Rob's opponent was hoping to play me, and I bet he wished he had done as Rob was dominant from the start and promptly ensured a winning start.

Board 5. Tony Meakin v Darren Bell. Tony, lacking a bit of confidence (and match practice), was happy to secure a draw.

Board 4. Mike Page v David Jarvis. Played his typical blood and guts opening throwing everything in to an attack, thankfully his opponent didn't take advantage of a poorly positioned knight, and Mike sneakly got away with a draw.

Board 3. Steve Heath v Keith Butler. Steve stepped up a board or 2 without any fear and was equal to any of his opponents attacks he graciously accepted a draw.

Board 6. Rob Mattthews v Josh Henion. Rob kindly played with a few hours advanced notice, and put up a good fight.. unfortunately the loss of 2 pawns was too much to defend in the end game.

Board 2. Catherine Hiley v John Grant. Not sure where I was in this game, played a poor opening, poorer middle game and then fought when it was very much over... to no avail.

Rugeley lost, 2.5-3.5, thanks to Tony and Rob for stepping in and well done to Rushall B.

Catherine Hiley, Wolverhampton League Division 2 capt.

7th August 2012 Club Championship Result

A hard fought game was played tonight in Pool A.

Patrick played Rob, it was a surprise opening full of traps which had both players mindful of the counter attack. Rob managed to grind out a win near the end but it was close.

31st July 2012 Club Championship Result

The first game of Pool B begins.

Cath played Steve in a tense defensive battle of a CaroKann meets the French style game, it was looking very drawish but Cath had the time advantage and played to the end, Steve played very well throughout but lost on time.

25th July 2012 Bushbury B v Rugeley, Wolverhampton Summer League Division 2

At the end of the summer campaign and we were struggling to find a full team.

Board 1. Alf Schroeder v Patrick Waller. Patrick faced one of the oldest players in the country but thankfully youth triumphed over experience.

Board 2. Robert Brodie v Tony Meakin. Tony lacking a bit of form of late, tried to overturn his fortune but his opponent managed to find a winning combination.
Board 3. Martin Thorpe v Conor Verschoyle. Taking the defeat in his stride, it's all good experience for our youngster.

Board 4. Phil Scott v default . Indeed our mysterious Mr default rather lacked ideas, and really needed to have turned up .

Rugeley lost, 3-1, apologies to Bushbury for the defaulted board.
Catherine Hiley Stand in commentator.

24th July 2012 Club Championship Result

A brand new season starts off with a cracking game of chess.
Rob played Mike in the opening match of Pool A, Mike had a good chance to take material advantage but thought (incorrectly) there was a better combination, lucky Rob escaped imminent danger and won.

17th July 2012 Mercia v Rugeley, Wolverhampton Summer League Division 2

As the holiday season begins. It was the old faithful from the week before.
Board 1. Derek Perks v Patrick Waller. Patrick faced a tough challenge, but seemed to have the best of the development and posed a number of problems for his opponent, but with the pawns locking the board both players agreed a draw.

Board 2. Ken Francis v Tony Meakin. Tony playing black, was forced into a more attacking game by some negative play by white. When when advanced the F pawn, Tony castled queenside and threw the kingside pawns forward. His opponent placed a threatening Knight in the centre which Tony swapped but in doing so opened a file for his opponent and lost a pawn which was never recovered from and some good attacking play Tony ran out of steam and lost a piece in the closing stages.

Board 3. Dave Webb v Mike Page. Mike started well and played pieces attacking open lines. In traditional style Mike continued to threaten but could not find a way through and drifted to a draw.

Board 4. Alan Cox v Conor Verschoyle. Conor again started steady but fell into old habits and placing his bishop on D6 and when his opponent took a knight, Conor was forced to take back with the G pawn his pawn structure and defence was wrecked.
Rugeley lost, 3-1.

Tony Meakin Wolverhampton Summer League Captain.

10th July 2012 Rugeley v Birmingham Checkmates, Wolverhampton Summer League Division 2

Rugeley expected a tough night against a Birmingham team who are always strong.
Board 1. Patrick Waller v Manpred Nijjar. Patrick faced a tough challenge, and lost a piece in the main part of the game which normally signals the end on board 1 but he then found a combination and, aided a little by his opponent, won the piece back. The players then agreed a draw.

Board 2. Tony Meakin v Hari Nijjar. Tony playing white managed to create an isolated central pawn for his opponent but in a game of few chances had to defend his own pawns as the game opened up there were attacking options for both players but the safety of a draw was agreed.

Board 3. Mike Page v Martin Draper. The opening resulting in little or no material being exchanged, but Mikes better development allowed a control of the game and it wasn't long before this control translated into a material advantage but with a pawn blocking Mikes escape and rooks on an open file the Rugeley player attacked the exposed King and after capturing the pawn his opponent resigned.

Board 4. Conor Verschoyle v James Draper. Battle of the Juniors. Analysis of this game showed that Conor had a early chance to win a piece which was not seen as he was concentrating on development. Then as his opponent attacked he forked the Rooks and Queen, when the Rugeley boy elected to save the rook, he lost the Queen, the game was over as a contest.

The match was drawn, thanks to all that played.
Tony Meakin Wolverhampton Summer League Captain.

3rd July 2012 Rugeley v Rushall B, Wolverhampton Summer League Division 2

Rugeley faced Rushall hoping to continue their strong start to this years Summer league.

Board 1. Bill Hulley v Jonathon Grant. A Fairly even game all the way through. Bill seemed to have a slightly weaker pawn structure but neither player couple force an advantage and the petered out into a draw.

Board 2. Matt Carr v Nigel Parker. Matthew dominated this game from the start taking control early and caused his opponent a few problems. Then threatening mate and to fork 2 pieces on his next move took a strangle hold which his opponent couldn't recover from (see games section).

Board 3. Tony Meakin v Darren Bell. The game opened up quickly. Both players making similar moves but a pawn move allowed Tony to control the centre. Tony pushed into an attack which forced his opponent backwards allowing the Rugeley man to win the exchange and a pawn. Then stuck for a move he tried to force the pace and allowed his opponent back into the game losing a couple of pawns and as the tension rose made a succession of poor moves and with game now lost ran out of time.
Board 4. Mike Page v Keith Butler. A close contest but Mike seemed to be taking control although his efforts went unrewarded. He tried hard but as material was swapped off it became more difficult get the victory.

The match was drawn, thanks to all that played.

Tony Meakin Wolverhampton Summer League Captain.

26th June 2012 Rugeley v Wolverhampton A, Wolverhampton Summer League Division 2

Rugeley faced a very strong Wolverhampton side in their first home encounter of this years Summer league.

Board 1. Bill Hulley v Frank Wood. After the false start in the last match Bill finally made his return to the team. A steady start by both players Bill appeared to come out with more attacking options with a Queen attacking the castled King. However Frank was allowed to develop his rook limiting the Queens escape and Frank continued his advantage and Bill ran out of time.

Board 2. Matt Carr v Illan Dwek. This tense encounter, as it turned out, was to decide the match. A tight affair resulting in a tactical ending involving passed pawns but neither player was able to convert their footman.

Board 3. Tony Meakin v Jonathon Hunt. In a slightly different French opening the Wolverhampton player fianchettoed his Bishop which caused the Rugeley captain a number of problems. Tony took control, but in trying to force an advantage lost a Bishop for the centre pawn. With his back to the wall, Tony advanced his Knights to attack the King allowing Queens and Rooks to control the open file and although a piece up the Wolverhampton player could only accept a draw by repetition.

Board 4. Mike Page v Gordon G Sands. As always, Mike opted for a more open game, sacrificing a couple of pawns for open lines. After a little while with his greater options and experience Mike won a piece and in the end game the advantage was converted to win the game.

The match was drawn, thanks to all that played.

Tony Meakin Wolverhampton Summer League Captain.

30th May 2012 Stafford v Rugeley, Wolverhampton Summer League Division 2

On the morning of the match, returning to his old role on board 1, Bill Hulley withdrew. Steve Heath was called up and Patrick and Tony were moved up a board.

Board 1. Ken McNulty v Patrick Waller. Patrick faced a tough challenge, but another pirc opening which Ken decided to vary and a blunder from the Stafford player left Patrick with a piece advantage and despite a back rank mate threat aided by an advanced pawn, Patrick managed to swap off all pieces and clear a couple of pawns. Finally sacrificing the Rook for the final passed pawn left his opponent defenceless against his own advancing footmen.

Board 2. Peter Evans v Tony Meakin. Tony playing black, played the French defence. His opponent decided to open the game up by taking the central pawn, then the Stafford player placed his Queen in front of his King for check with was easily defended and after castling Tony had 3 pieces attacking the pinned King and Queen and although his opponent wasn't mated the attack resulted in the loss of 2 pieces and ultimately resignation.

Board 3. David Barker v Steve Heath. This year's player of the year made a strong start to the summer league. Good development and a controlling Bishop pair up against a Knight and Bishop allowed Steve to create a passed Rooks pawn and force it home.
Board 4. Sumit Raisinghaney v Conor Verschoyle. Conor playing his first summer league game made some good developing moves but came out racing for the line playing his first 16 moves in just 5 minutes. During this spell Conor inevitably, lost material. An overall 23 moves in eight minutes did not give him the time to establish a good base and end came all too quickly.

Special thanks to Steve who stepped in at the last minute.

Tony Meakin Wolverhampton Summer League Captain.

15th May 2012 Rugeley's End of Season meal

A select gathering from the club were able to make it down to the Plaza, where a good meal was devoured (especially by Conor). All the 'taboo' topics were covered, sex, religion, politics and even a bit of chess!

8th May 2012 Rugeley's AGM

Mainly upbeat atmosphere around the club (apart from a solemn looking Cath!) as we reflected on a very busy but largely successful season. Main discussion point was around the ECF membership fees.