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Player Profile for Steve Heath

Steve Heath
My name it means nothing my age it means less
Favorite Opening
Opening Can lose quickly with any known opening though currently trialing the Scotch Gambit.

Steve can frequently be seen head in hands over the 64 squares contemplating either how can the ECF have so badly miscalculated my grade Im sure It should be double what they say? Or more realistically “How have I sleepwalked into this mess?”

Joined Rugeley chess club in 1996. Successes of note Bidgood cup winner on one occasion. Earnings from chess to date £7.50 which didn't even cover fuel but Steve still swears that is the best money he has ever earned.

Steve has attempted to cajole, bribe, blackmail his progeny Thomas and Ben into chess but they are wise enough to have avoided Caissas charms up to yet.

Utterance emanating from Steves direction.

“Villa till I die”
“I swear I was ok up to move 16”
“Its ok I will still be playing in forty years might have it sussed by then”

Steve Heath